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How can I edit the Welcome to Website title and text?

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    Brian Prendergast

    Hi Folks,

    Where do I go to edit the Welcome to Website title and text below?

    Per your documentation, I tried “Appearance>Theme Options>Sections>Welcome Page Content” but I can’t see how to edit the headline “Welcome to Website” and the text below.

    Can you tell me where to find the Welcome to Website headline and text below?


    P.S. Also, is it possible for me to add images like screenshots to these Support requests to help explain what I’m requesting?

    Grace Themes

    Hi Brian,

    To customize the welcome section,

    • First create a page with title and description to use for this section
    • Go to Appearance » Theme Options » Sections » welcome page content
    • Select page which you have created

    “Welcome to Website” text is the title of the page and description is display from page content.

    You can also insert the screenshot to figure out the issues.

    If you are still getting any problem, you can send your website URL and WordPress admin login details for temporary at [email protected] so we can check and assist you.

    Grace Themes

    Brian Prendergast

    This worked perfectly even though your directions made no sense to me. Sorry for doubting you and thanks for your help.

    Grace Themes

    You are most Welcome

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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