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Top 15 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creating Creative Portfolio

Having a functional and impressive portfolio is one of the most important things when you want to get hired. Whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, a web developer or any other kind of professional, you can have a perfect portfolio with these free WordPress portfolio themes:

  1. Grace News

    Grace News
    Grace News is a free theme in the style of a magazine which means that it would be perfect as a writer portfolio. However, you can also make it work as a graphic designer if you get a bit creative.

    It offers you a clean and stylish design with attractive and engaging elements. It’s the perfect choice for when you want to look professional and flexible.

    It’s easy to set up and work with and it’s also very speedy, meaning that you will not have any loading issues.

  2. Pub Store

    Pub Store
    The Pub Store is elegant and simple, very responsive and of course, free. While this theme was originally intended for a bar or pub website or any other food and beverage establishment, you can use it as a portfolio theme since it has that elegant design that will help you make a stunning portfolio.

    You can easily showcase your furniture portfolio, interior design portfolio or any other kind.

  3. Beauty Spa

    Beauty Spa
    This is a free theme perfect to showcase your small business portfolio of any kind. Although it’s geared towards a spa and beauty niche, you can use it for any other purpose. It’s compatible with many plugins that you can use.
    It’s elegant, beautiful and cheerful while staying professional. It also offers you many options.

  4. Modeling Lite

    Modeling Lite
    Modeling Lite is a free theme for WordPress that works perfectly for any fashion or modeling professional. It’s an elegant website full of options for personal and creative projects.

    However, it’s also often used by artists of all kinds, including music artists and design agencies. It has many unique features and a pre-built home page design that will help you create a perfect website within minutes.

  5. Creamery Lite

    Creamery Lite
    The Creamery Lite is a fun and cute theme that also looks professional. It’s minimalistic and geared toward a food and beverage niche but it’s also very useful for all sorts of professionals and businesses with little tweaking on the design side. It’s very simple and beautiful which makes it fascinating for everyone.

  6. Wild Safari Lite

    Wild Safari Lite
    Wild Safari Lite is a stunning professional theme for any kind of professional with a very charming design. It was designed for the nature and animal niche but it can, in fact, be perfect for writers, graphic designers and any other kinds of professionals.

    It’s a powerful theme with a full screen slider for images and a template for services which can easily be turned into a great portfolio.

  7. Universal Lite

    Universal Lite
    Universal Lite is a clean and simple theme which will load very quickly and offer you many purposes. It’s easy to use and change when in need for different design options.

    It will help you create a great portfolio for any type of business you need. It makes the development of your portfolio easy and simple. It offers many customization options as well.

  8. Indiana

    This is a modern and flexible theme full of responsive and dynamic elements that create a clean and beautiful portfolio.

    It’s minimalistic and it might be an option for you if you are looking for a great portfolio. The layout is really fresh and new with many customization options and the ease of use.

  9. Fitness Club Lite

    Personal Trainer WordPress Theme
    If you want a perfect theme for your portfolio, it might just be this one. Fitness Club Lite is geared towards sports and fitness businesses but it can also work for many other professionals and businesses. It’s modern and clean with a professional layout and the perfect area to showcase all of your work.

  10. Photostat Lite

    Photostat Lite
    Photostat Lite is a great free theme for all photography or design professionals and many small businesses. It’s friendly to inexperienced users and you can customize it in many different ways. It’s compatible with many different plugins too. It’s also responsive and very SEO friendly.

  11. Spangle Lite

    Spangle Lite
    Spangle Lite is clean and minimal but at the same time beautiful and elegant as well as responsive and free. You can use it to showcase many different portfolios for many businesses.

    For instance, you can showcase your furniture, interior designs and so on. It’s also great for all designers and writers too. It shows the images perfectly and it’s really easy to use.

  12. BeautiPlus

    This is a modern, free theme which is easy to customize to fit any type of professional portfolio. It’s compatible with many different plugins and design aspects. It’s beautiful and elegant, very responsive and SEO friendly. You can customize it in many different ways too.

  13. Pleasant Lite

    Pleasant Lite
    This is a free theme for WordPress which was designed and developed for many different things, including portfolios or different businesses that need professional websites.

    This theme will promote your skills in the best way possible. It’s responsive and compatible with many plugins. It’s also retina ready which makes it great for all of the devices.

  14. EaterStop Lite

    EaterStop Lite
    This is a free website theme designed for restaurants and other food and beverage companies but it can suit portfolios perfectly, especially those of photographers and designers. This theme can increase the visibility of your skills and help you get the job of your dreams. This theme is fresh and modern with many customizable features you can alter and play around with.

  15. BizGrowth Lite

    BizGrowth Lite
    BizGrowth is a responsive and a clean theme which you can get for free and as such it can be amazing for a portfolio of any kind.

    It’s very adaptable to the needs of the person using it and it’s suitable for corporate and creative professionals alike. It’s responsive and fresh with great user experience too.

So, these have been some of the best free WordPress themes for portfolio websites. You can find many more but these will probably help you the most.

Ashley Brooker Author

Ashley is a web designer at Lucky Assignments, who has been involved in many projects. She enjoys designing websites and acquiring experience and knowledge in the field of web design. She helps clients grow their brands.