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Sports Club Questions

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    James Witherite

    Two questions:

    1.) When viewing on mobile, the homepage slider loses the “read more” links. Is there any remedy to this?

    2.) How do I remove the homepage slider from the news page?

    Thank you!

    Grace Themes


    1. To display Read More button in mobile display
    Go to the Appearance -> Editor -> css/responsive.css
    delete the below code from line no. 27

    .nivo-caption .button{ display:none !important;}

    2. To display News Page with all latest blog posts

    – Go to Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays
    – Click on radio button of Your latest posts
    – Edit your News page and select “Blog – Right Sidebar” Page Template from Page Attribute panel

    Grace Themes


    How do you add proper social media url to the link button in customization page?

    How do I delete the “Category” and “Archives” tabs from my page?

    How do I set up my online store on my page?

    How do I add additional header tabs along with my “About Us”…?(for example; Sports, Education, Store, Donate and Join us type page (where they can email us their full contact information showing interest)?

    Grace Themes


    1. You need to add full URL of your social media profile in link=”#”

    2. To remove right sidebar of “Category” and “Archives”
    – Just edit your page and select “Full Width” page template from Page Attribute panel

    3. To setup online store on your website, use WooCommerce plugin

    4. To add pages in your main menu
    Go to the Appearance -> Menus -> Select main menu -> Add pages

    Please check the documentation

    Grace Thees

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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