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Services and special offer sections

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    Two questions….

    Can I have two rows or at least have the option of scrolling in the services section to increase the number of pages that can be displayed?

    How do I add a url to the items listed in the special offer section? I’ve tried adding link=”url” in the shortcode but its not working. Alternatively, can it pick content from a specified post?



    Grace Themes


    You can use maximum six pages to display in services section. The scrolling option is not available for this section. But with some css code changes we can display six pages in two rows.
    If you want to do so please send your website URL and WordPress admin login details for temporary at [email protected] so we can check and assist you.

    To add a url to the items listed in the special offer section, you can use a href tag
    Please add a href tag before the [offer-services] shortcode like below

    <a href="http://google.com">[offer-services title="Paris and Bordeaux" oldprice="$499" newprice="$400" description="Suspendisse vel velit nullad phas." image="http://sitename.com/wp-content/themes/prevalent-pro/images/offertm2.jpg"]</a>

    You can’t pickup content from post to display in this section.

    Grace Themes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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