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    Angela Raymann

    Hello, I wrote to the support email but did not get an answer. So I ask here:

    I purchased your Theme Collection and I am working on two websites:

    http://www.consciousmovement.de (yogic pro)

    and http://www.tantrafuersie.info (massage spa pro)

    I have some questions:

    1. Regarding the top services section in Massage Spa: how can I add more boxes than four ??

    2. Regarding the services in Yogic pro: how can I add more boxes than three?

    3. Regarding the Our Classes in yogic Pro: As you can see: I made some copies and added them to the short code to have as much boxes as I need. BUT: this very often changes the format so ist a lot of work to make correction in it. A LOT!

    For me it would be useful if I have multiple (5 Sections with three boxes) to avoid this. Any possiblities to add some sections?

    4. Same in the massage spa theme: I would love to doble the boxes in our services but when I copy the shortcodes the format breaks…how can I add another section with 4 boxes?

    5. In the team section: if there is just one person how can I bring the entry in the center and not left side in both themes. And how can I change the page to full widths instead of standard?

    6. In the footer of massage spa: how to work on the newsletter entry to change that in german (and how to delete this totally)?

    7. Where do I find more Icons in both themes?

    8. If you have a look at the mobile version of tantrafuersie, you will find a problem with the picture in the features section. How to solve this?

    Thank you for helping me, this is very useful.

    And thank you for these beautiful themes!!


    Grace Support


    1. You can add 6 services column in the Top Services section
    Go to the Appearance -> Theme Options -> Sections -> Top Services section

    2. It is not possible to add multiple sections for Our Classes section

    Please send your website URL and WordPress admin login details at [email protected] so we can check and assist you quickly.

    Grace Themes

    Angela Raymann

    Thank you for your answer. I wrote to the support email a week ago. I will try again now, meanwhile I solved some things already.

    Grace Support

    You are most welcome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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