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Psyclone Pro Question

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    Matthew Butler

    Hello! For the “Four Boxes” section, each of those images and lines of text link to a page that’s set in the options. That text is the first line or two of text on the page that I’ve set.

    For example, in the documentation, the “Counseling” image links to the “Counseling” page. The text that is displayed is “Curabitur ligula enim, pellen etulamcorp molesti.”

    What I’d like to do is have more information on that linked page that doesn’t display on the homepage in the limited view under that “Counseling” image. In the example above, say I wanted only the “Curabitur ligula enim” to display on the homepage, and have the rest of the text, say the “pellen etulamcorp molesti.” to only display when someone clicks on that image and goes to the full other page. Is there some kind of page break or paragraph break or SOMETHING I can put on the linked page after the “Curabitur ligula enim” part to make the rest not display? Whatever elements I stick after that line, the next section of text always displays on the homepage, and it’s driving me batty.


    Grace Support


    In the services section, the plain text content (without text formatting) is displayed. So it is not possible to display the page break or paragraph.

    You can change the text excerpt length from Theme Options -> Sections -> Services section

    Grace Themes

    Jeff Will

    I would like to remove the 4 images in circles and the text under images are:
    First image has text Career Counseling
    Second image has text Relationship
    Third image has Issues Women’s Issues
    Forth image has Trouble Emotions
    Under each of them it has Curabitur ligula enim, pellen etulamcorp molesti.

    I do not see a setting change in Theme Options and I do not see anything in the Customizing the Theme but admittedly I could be overlooking it…I thought I went through and removed all images and refernces to this only to still have these 4 showing up on my Home page only.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Grace Support


    To change the images and text content in this section

    – Create pages from Page » Add New
    – Add Title and Description of the page
    – Go to Appearance » Theme Options » Sections » Four Boxes Section
    – Select Page and upload image

    Please check the documentation

    Grace Themes

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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