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Mobile friendly? Having trouble…

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    Hi guys
    Just put together a test site with Spangle Pro. It looks great on my laptop on Chrome, bit am having big trouble with the mobile version (Android/Chrome).

    The site is http://www.numberoneweb.co.uk

    Things I’ve noticed:
    -The slider and other graphics on the homepage aren’t loading
    -The banner image on the second page isn’t loading
    -The footer menu has white on white text (except for current page)

    Any help appreciated!

    Grace Themes


    The images which you are using for slider and innarpage banner is not loading properly.
    Please re-upload the images for slider and innerpage banner.
    Go to the Appearance -> Theme Options -> homepage Slider -> Slider Image -> upload new image

    Use the images which is uploaded on your website http://www.numberoneweb.co.uk/

    To change the footer menu color
    Go to the Appearance -> Theme Options -> Basic Settings -> Font Colors -> Select font color for footer title

    Please check the documentation to customize the theme

    If you are still getting any problem, please send WordPress admin login details for temporary at support@gracethemes.com so we can check and assist you quickly.

    Grace Themes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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