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Issues with Biz Growth Pro theme….

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    Hi there,

    I looked at the free version of the Biz Growth theme today and really liked what I saw, despite its lack of options. I then purchased the Pro version and quickly realised that the Pro version does not look at all like the free version, meaning I have to re-do things from scratch, but that is ok.

    Here are some thoughts and some issues I am experiencing and would like assistance with, please.

    1. It would be really good if in the Theme Options section, you could “disable” the Slider and fourbox sections without using CSS to “display: none” hide them. A simple on/off switch via the theme options would make a lot of sense.

    2. I have created a child-them for the Pro version and it breaks the layout of the header and footer. The logo will not display (even though I have re-loaded it in the theme options area) and the footer material does not display either.

    3. Four Column Footer layout – If I remove the “Latest Posts” label from the footer (in Theme Options), it only shows 2 columns?? If I choose 3 columns in the Theme Options for the footer it still only shows 2 columns (it hides the (Our Menu) section???

    4. It would be nice to have the option (within the Theme Options section) to choose the layout of the content width (Boxed or widescreen for example).

    5. The default page layout is with a right sidebar. There doesn’t seem to be a way to set the default layout of the whole website to have “no sidebar” within any section. To do this, I am having to edit every page “template layout” section and choose full width.

    Please let me know ASAP what I can do to address these issues.

    Thank you

    Grace Themes

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    The BizGrowth Free theme is build in WordPress Customizer where as the PRO theme uses more user friendly Theme Options to customize the theme.
    The free theme has very limited options to setup site. Using PRO theme you will need to use previously created pages and posts to create beautiful website.

    1. We have used check boxes to disable/enable particular sections. Now it done by using the CSS code ‘display: none’ which is wrong. We will update the theme by applying conditions to hide/show sections.

    2. We have not tested our themes as child-theme. So please use PRO theme as it is. You can use this theme on unlimited domain.

    3. Please tell us which columns you want to use in footer section.

    4. The layout option is not available in Theme Options. Currently we are using wide layout. We will add this feature in our next themes.

    5. Right sidebar is the default page layout for all pages. There are no option to set default sidebar. IF you want to use full width template with no sidebar as a default page layout, we can do this with small change in page.php file.

    Please send list of changes and WordPress admin login details of your site at [email protected] so we can solve your problems.
    Our support team is always ready to solve any kind of problem at any stage of your website development.

    Grace Themes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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