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Initial Feedback on ZeroError

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    Timothy J. Barron

    As background, I did buy the full package of templates, and examining them all them one-by-one, so I can pick one for my preferences. It’s simply easier for someone like me to just get immediately “hands on” with them, etc.

    There are several things that I do like about this template, such as the taller height of banners, such as shown on the full width page.

    The one “negative” thing that stood out about this template was the page content is wider than the header and footer. I assume this is intended? It is easily seen here:


    I noticed that BizWeb is similar, where it is wider than the header and footer.

    As a result, so far BizGrowth is my leading candidate as this one is “aligned.” But I’m still playing around with the others.

    Just some constructive feedback! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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