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Galery is placed to the left, not ceneted


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    Galanto Ltd.

    Why my galery on the first page moved to the left (not centeted as it was)? A speak for site Galanto Club (I can’t add link *** Forbidden. Browser seems to be spambot. *** receive) but it is on your SHOWCASE as Club Galanto On Power Club.

    Section Content is:
    [photogallery show = “8” filter = “true”] [button align=”center” name=”[:en]Do you want with us?[:bg]Искаш ли и ти при нас?[:]” link=”http://bit.ly/galantoreg/” arrowname=”fa-chevron-right”]
    if it is help you.

    Grace Themes


    The Homepage Photo Gallery section is looking in center location.
    Please check the screenshot

    Grace Themes

    Galanto Ltd.

    Yes, thank you!

    However, it is not for me – I’m sending a scrrenshot:


    But I set out to check for some other reason (computer, operating system, browser), and it turned out that in this way, left-handed, it only looks when I’m at 90% zoom with Chrome browser (on Windows 10) and by some unfortunate coincidence I was right in this setting when I was trying to center it 😉 It is always centering on other operating systems and other browsers.

    I think we do not need to change anything, thanks for your attention.

    As always you are great!

    Nice day!

    Grace Themes

    You are most welcome.
    Have a Nice Day!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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