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Hello! I purchased your Flourish WP Peo theme and have some issues I can’t figure out. The footer is currently set to 4 columns, and I’m having trouble with three of them! From left to right: How do I completely remove the column “recent posts”? I can remove the title, but the “Hello World” sample post stays there. How do I get it to go away? Usefull Links: I thought this was the footer menu, but there is NO footer menu under the “menu” section of the site. So how do I either remove this section completely, or adjust the links that actually show up? I just can’t find where this section is controlled from. I can remove the title “Useful Links” but I can’t change/modify/update the list of links. Help please! Project Gallery Again, I can change the title, but I can’t get the sample gallery to go away or my current gallery to show up. Where/how do we reset this? The instructions make absolutely no sense and I cannot understand them. I have galleries set up on other pages, I just cannot figure out how to install one on the footer. I tried creating a footer "widget" but it's not showing up either. Thank you!
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