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    Beth Sandland


    I purchased your Flourish WP Peo theme and have some issues I can’t figure out.

    The footer is currently set to 4 columns, and I’m having trouble with three of them!

    From left to right:
    How do I completely remove the column “recent posts”? I can remove the title, but the “Hello World” sample post stays there. How do I get it to go away?

    Usefull Links:
    I thought this was the footer menu, but there is NO footer menu under the “menu” section of the site. So how do I either remove this section completely, or adjust the links that actually show up? I just can’t find where this section is controlled from. I can remove the title “Useful Links” but I can’t change/modify/update the list of links. Help please!

    Project Gallery
    Again, I can change the title, but I can’t get the sample gallery to go away or my current gallery to show up. Where/how do we reset this? The instructions make absolutely no sense and I cannot understand them. I have galleries set up on other pages, I just cannot figure out how to install one on the footer. I tried creating a footer “widget” but it’s not showing up either.

    Thank you!

    Beth Sandland

    Just wanted to leave this up there for anyone else who may need help – figured it out, it is all done via widgets, and each widget corresponds to a column, so if you reset the footer to 2 columns for example, you would use “footer widget 1” and “footer widget 2.”

    Grace Themes


    You can use Footer layout and footer widgets to customize footer section.
    Go to the Appearance -> Widgets -> Footer widget

    Grace Themes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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