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Core Skills


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    I’m trying to remove the percentages from the Core Skills box as they create a confusing measage to my clients. Can you confirm if this is possible and if so how? Alternatively, if this cannot be done, how can I remove this box completely?


    Grace Themes

    Hi Dale

    If you want to remove ‘Our Skills’ in sidebar
    Go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Sidebar main
    and drag any widgets which you want to show on mail sidebar.

    If you want to customize ‘Our Skills’ in sidebar
    First install the Enhanced Text Widget plugin from WordPress

    Now go to the Appearance -> Widgets -> Sidebar main
    Drag the ‘Enhanced Text’ widget in main sidebar
    enter title and in content use this short code

    [skill title=”Php Coding” percent=”95″ bgcolor=”#65676a”][skill title=”Web Design” percent=”85″ bgcolor=”#65676a”][skill title=”Web Development” percent=”90″ bgcolor=”#65676a”][skill title=”SEO” percent=”80″ bgcolor=”#65676a”]

    You can change title, percent and bgcolor as per your requirement.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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