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Automatic copyright date

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    I tried putting Javascript code, PHP code and a shortcode into the Copyright info box on the theme options page and can not get it to generate the copyright date automatically. Is there a specific way I should be doing this?

    In other words, I am trying to fix it so that I do not have to update my copyright year every year.


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    To automatically update the copyright year, just follow the below steps

    1. Go to Appearance -> Editor -> footer.php
    at line no. 189 you will find the code

    <div class="copyright-txt"><?php if( of_get_option('copytext',true) != ''){ echo of_get_option('copytext',true); }; ?></div>

    Now just replace this code with below code

    <div class="copyright-txt">&copy; <?php echo date('Y'); ?> <?php if( of_get_option('copytext',true) != ''){ echo of_get_option('copytext',true); }; ?></div>

    2. Remove ‘© 2016’ from footer copyright section.

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