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Amplitude Theme troubles with front page

Hello. English is not my native language, so I bag a pardon, if I misspell something or not clear enough in my writings, but I'll do my best! So, I have got Amplitude Pro - installed, and started working with it. And for now have a question - that no google gave me an answer(. I liked this theme first of all because of the front page, where is only beautiful slider and top menu. After I've installed the plagin Polylang, I have such a problem that is pretty difficult to describe, but I'll try - on my domain - for now I have your preset beautiful front page. Also I have a switcher for languages. And so far everything is working. On English version the address for home page in a very beginning looks like this: But, after I've got to different page of site, for example Contacts, and now I want to get to Home page, and I press Home - I am getting on some different page - address: . On the main language version everything is working good. So my question - is there a way to make redirect from other pages, on English version when click Home to the address: instead of as it working for now? Best regards, Julia.
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