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Reply To: Slider truncates text


So this is a 15 words limit? That’s interesting, I found that nowhere documented.

The problem is, as you can tell from the homepage (http://youlius-award.de/) and the linked page (http://youlius-award.de/etwas-besonderes-youlius-award-2017), that the word “zweitwichtigste” is truncated right in the middle of the word. This looks very unfinished to visitors of our website.

My expectation would be to have either:
* A separate field, where I can set the excerpt / teaser text to show up on the slider
* Usage of the <– more –> tag, which was used in the past to seperate the excerpt from the body of the post.

Sorry for the delay in answering, this is a spare-time project 🙂

Kind Regards,