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Reply To: HELP! After domain change NONE of my theme changes are displayed

Lucius Douglas

WOW..that is soooo disappointing. I mean nothing changed except the domain name. The files stayed the same as they were never actually moved. I replaced all instances of with in all database tables and updated the wp-config.php file. It’s really strange but all the settings in the Appearance > Customize are there but nothing was saved in the Template Options.

So can you explain why it didn’t work? I truly need to know as I have about 3 dozen websites to migrate from Joomla to WordPress and I wanted to standardize with your themes which is why I purchased the pro account.

Would it be better to develop inside a WordPress folder and then just move from the WordPress folder to the root? I’ve done it this way before but it’s cumbersome but, then, this change of domain names has been very cumbersome.

I could just leave the WordPress install inside the WordPress folder and do a redirect in the HTACCESS file but I’ve always like having websites in the root.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

It is a design flaw for WordPress in that all urls are fully formed so no matter whether it is moving from a subfolder to root or from one domain to another, it breaks content url in the tables which has to be replaced. Not that big an issue for an experienced database developer like me but for noobs, it would be a real hassle.