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Reply To: Amplitude Theme troubles with front page


Hello again.
Working with slider, the second day have some trouble with what the slider is showing depending on…I don’t quit understand this depending.

I had centered photos themselves in gimp, so that on a mobile version on mobile phone with all directions (horizontal and vertical) photos looks good, meaning that main part of picture is on the screen and not some part of it. Also I checked it on the tablet in horizontal version – cause the slider is pretty much slim in height, so worked on picture to get great look at all devices.

As a result – I now have the slider, which first time goes perfectly on my phone (5″), on my tablet (8″), but as the slider goes to repeat, from very beginning it starts to show some random part of pictures(((, though if I switch phone on horizontal version it gets good showing of photo, and I put the phone back to vertical and the same perfect picture stays. But next picture again goes some random part of photos(((.

Tried on different phone, 6″, in vertical version from the very beginning slider shows some random part of pictures(, in horizontal shows everything good.

On my tablet (8″) in vertical position also after the first round of perfect showings it starts random part showings(((.

Please help me out with this I have no idea what I can possible do with that.

And one more question –
The slider controllers are pretty big, and as the slider itself in horizontal position is pretty slim it looks a bit ridiculous. Is it possible to make controllers smaller some how? I tried to turn them of – but this big black part, sort of a footer in the homepage still there and so it does not solve the problem. In ideal to make this footer on homepage smaller or remove it at all and make the controllers of slider smaller, specially in height.

Thank you for your support and help!