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The 7 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins For your Website

As a commercial or non-commercial blogger, it’s always vital that you understand your audience and their user experience. Besides, you should also know how to create contents that best meet their needs, and still optimize your site for the search engines.

If you are an affiliate marketer using WordPress, then tracking your top referrals is crucial for the success of your business. For this reason, you need Google analytics WordPress plugins which make your work much easier.

Some of the benefits of using Google analytics plugins for Wordpress include:

  • They help you understand where your audience comes from.
  • They show you your rank in the search engines.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress sites installed with plugins also helps you study your competitors’ traffic etc., while also giving you high-value Keywords.
  • With Google Analytics, you also get to know the best social media to target.

If you are planning to start using Google analytics on your website, then here are the must-have plugins on your WordPress site.

They help you to get the stats of your visitors right on your WordPress site dashboard, keep tracks, and see reports without having to navigate from the site.

  1. Monster Insights

    Monster Insights is one of the most popular Google analytics WordPress plugins. It’s designed to help you add, customize and also manage Google analytics on your WordPress site.

    It also comes with an affiliate link tracker for affiliate marketers to help you track referrals etc. When you upgrade to the pro version, you get to access a load of advanced features which includes; form tracking, custom post types, and custom dimensions, etc.


    • Monster insights are easy to use.
    • Allows you to customize any tracking functionality.
    • It also has a beautiful user interface.
    • Monster insights also allow you to export/import data so you can store your web analytic reports.


    • It’s a little bit pricey. The cheapest plan goes for $199/month.
  2. WordPress Google Analytics Events

    This Google analytics WordPress plugin does more than enabling you to view visitor stats, and tracking sales, etc. With this plugin, you can easily add an event tracker on your blog.

    This is quite important if you hold regular webinars on the site. It comes with google analytics tracking code as well as event tracker for actions like video player, and outbound link clicks, etc.


    • It helps you add, and also track events on your website site.
    • Straightforward UI.
    • You don’t require any coding skills to get started.


    • The free version has limited features.
  3. Google Analytics WD

    Google Analytics WD is available in both free, and premium plans. It’s designed to help you add the Google Analytics tracking code, easily, and quickly on your WordPress site so you can track performances right from the dashboard.

    It features enhanced link attribution, and outbound link trackers, and also helps you set up goals, etc. It also relays various reports on your WordPress dashboard for easy management.

    It flaunts a host of robust features both on its free, and premium versions which can be customized to meet your needs.


    • Allows you to run numerous tracking, and reporting on the WordPress website dashboard.
    • It also gives you real-time email notifications which are also available even with the free version.
    • Google Analytics WD also lets you track outbound links easily.


    • It has a poor user interface as compared to other plugins.
  4. Analytics Cat

    This is a lightweight Google Analytics plugin for a website that also helps you simplify the process of adding the Google Analytics tracking code onto your WordPress site.

    It comes with an accuracy feature which is designed to help you keep off logged-in users from your data.


    • Gives you precise, accurate data.
    • It has a simple UI.


    • Analytics cat has limited functionalities. It does not include dashboard on the WordPress site, meaning that if you want to access all the data on the panel, you’ll need another third-party plugin.
  5. Analytify

    Analitify is another popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin that comes with a super clean user interface. It’s available in both premium, and free plans to match different needs.

    With Analitify, you will easily add your Google analytical tracking code to your WordPress site to help you monitor stats in the dashboard. Analitify also allows you to track results for each page in the dashboard.

    If you choose the pro version, you get instant access to EDD, and WooComerce support, etc. It also gives stats on the front end, and also allow you to separate stats for social media, etc.


    • It is integrated with HTTPS, a feature which makes it not slow down sites’ loading speeds, etc.
    • Analitify also gives you insights into pages with the highest click rates etc.
    • It’s easy to understand its back end interface, a feature which helps you to modify your social share buttons, etc.
    • It also provides a load of excellent features on the free version.


    • Analitify will charge you for some of its high-tech functionalities.
    • It also gives a pretty long ‘features’ list which can be tedious, and time-consuming to comb through.
  6. Google Analytics Dashboard For WordPress (GADWP)

    Also known as GADWP, Google Analytics Dashboard For WordPress is a 100 percent free Google analytics WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you get access to numerous Google analytics stats in your WordPress dashboard. It also allows you to track events and stats etc.


    • Gives you a lot of functionalities for free.
    • You can easily segment to get accurate reports etc.
    • You can also customize dimensions etc.


    • The only downside with GADWP is that you will have to authenticate it with a Google Analytics account to allow you access to view reports.
  7. Matomo

    Formerly known as Piwik, Matomo is another dominant player in the Google Analytics plugins for the WordPress world. It helps you track your audience’s activities from your blog, and features some of the most on-demand functionalities like event tracker, goal setters, and A/B testing, etc.


    • Matomo is easily customizable.
    • It has a simple user interface.
    • It’s stable.
    • It comes with loads of great features.


    • It’s API is not regularly updated.

Bottom Line

With the availability of several Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, choosing one can be tricky. This guide provides you with some of the best plugins that will make your work much easier.

To get the one which will satisfy your needs, you need to list down your requirements and then look for one that suits your needs most.