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Pros and Cons of Using Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes
The overwhelming options of WordPress themes at hand put the website developers, marketers and the brand management team of the business project in a difficult position. Which theme to pick and which not to?

Would the Premium theme do a better job or should we stick with the free WordPress themes for the brand’s official website? These are the few hot topics of discussions of the developers everyday.

The overall simplicity that WordPress offers in coding and performance is amazing. The website developed effectively performs all the jobs and has a quite better loading speed if compared with others.

The responsiveness and professional outlook of the websites developed using WordPress blows of the mind of the businessmen, customers and the partnering clients.

And this quest to do the best puts the developers in a difficult position. The advent of Premium WordPress theme has left everyone bewildered about which theme to pick.

While the free ones seem dauntingly budget saving and quick to use, the Premium themes are all about the monetary investment and the features availed. The results of both are satisfactory but still, the usability depends on the user’s demand.

Thus, to help you have an in-depth review of the Premium theme, we have prepared a pros and cons list which will help you understand the theme a little more.

Premium WordPress themes vs Free WordPress Themes

Before we get started with the pros and cons of using premium themes, take a look at the quick comparison infographic created by a website.

This will help know why paid themes are so important.

Once you have built the website and set up a blog, you would need to select the right theme based on support. SEO compatibility and design.

Pros of using the WordPress Premium themes

  1. Helps you stand out among others

    When you are selling a product, you would want to make sure that it is presentable, attractive and highly functional. Only then would the product sell itself.

    The premium themes designed by the experts possess all these three qualities and so far are the best in the run of website themes available for the users.

    Unlike the free theme which required a go signal from the official review program for the launch, the premium themes do not require any such affirmation.

    Once you have your hand on it, you’ll entertain the highest quality standards and develop it to make your brand stand out in the market. Many website designing Dubai firms have tried these themes and are quite happy with the results.

  2. Advanced and modern features

    Even a single distinctive feature on the website that could separate it from the others inspires the viewer to carry on surfing the platform. With the Premium themes, you can drive more traffic and increase the return on investment of your business.

    The advanced plugin suites and the admin panels are used to customize and configure the website according to the brand’s marketing and advertisement requirements. You can design it yourself using the features available.

    Many themes come with multiple article layouts, portfolio variations, and the sidebar layouts. You can go through the options and take a pick on the one you like the most.

  3. Highly user supportive and regularly updated

    The big plus point of the WP paid theme is that they are regularly updated which means that their features are enhanced every now and then and so is their security offers.

    The forums of the website building platform offer an extensive support to the theme users. Only those who have purchased the theme can interact with each other on the forum while the rest of the audience can read their conversations.

  4. You can remove the credit links

    While using the free themes, you must have noted the footer credit link. Even though the theme is already designed, the user still plays a role in modifying and running it.

    By finding such a link at the end destroys the overall mood of the website and the developer, right? The premium WP themes are free of any such links.

  5. Enhances the resale value of your online website

    When the clients you are seeing get to know that your website is built using a paid WordPress theme, the ratings automatically goes up.

    The dynamic, tech-savvy, interactive and the multipurpose outlook of the web page attracts the buyer and builds its selling profile itself. As it can be used for any kind of small, medium or large business project; the website comes in handy and is sold successfully.

Cons of using the WordPress Premium themes:

  1. Few themes are expensive and come with monthly/ yearly licensing fees for some time

    Well, wasn’t the cost of the theme high enough and now the piling licensing fee of each year? This might be a little too much for some users and they might not tolerate it.

    Only those who have a large business running can afford such luxurious conditions while those who have developed the website as a hobby will be inclined to change the theme style.

  2. The author has the option of discontinuing the product

    This is another negative aspect of the paid themes that the author who has designed it has the authority to discontinue the product whenever he wants.

    This would cost you both, your money and all the effort. But let’s hope WP has something more reasonable to offer in the coming years!

  3. Requires extensive learning

    With every advanced theme and proposal come learning and new information/ techniques to master. The enthusiastic developers are eager to learn and innovate but those under the pressure of work and within a tight time frame might not survive the learning period.

    Thus, whichever theme you pick, go through its features thoroughly and assess whether you can use it or not.

WordPress, without a doubt, is a leading website developing portal which is dominating the world like none another.

It is destined to succeed in the world where small and large business projects take initiative everyday and freelancers and hobbyists are determined to practice their ways.

The outstanding features of the premium themes surely outweigh the cons but again, it depends on what the user prefers.

Whether using a paid theme will prove to be more beneficial than using a free theme or not, only the specific website developer of the project can make such valuable decision.

Junaid Ali Qureshi Author

Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.