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How Outsourcing WordPress Website Management Can Improve Your Business

How Outsourcing WordPress Website Management Can Improve Your Business
We are in a time where most people use the internet to find businesses to buy their products or hire their services. Businesses that want to thrive should have an online presence and a website that potential customers can visit to see what they offer. Many companies use WordPress to create their website because it is free and does not require any coding experience.

WordPress is an open-source website-building platform that companies use to create blogs, ecommerce stores, mobile applications, online forums, and other types of websites. Businesses need to manage their WordPress websites so they stay online to attract and serve as many customers as possible.

WordPress website management is essential for businesses and they can do it themselves if they have the expertise. If not, they can outsource it to reliable third-party companies like Smart Web Ninja. Third-party management companies update WordPress websites’ design, improve their loading speed, and handle other maintenance tasks.

Best Uses of WordPress Websites

WordPress is widely used because of its versatility and flexibility. Here are some of its common use cases:

  • Blogging

    WordPress is known for being a blogging platform, so businesses use it to set up blogs to upload content that attracts readers. Posting content helps with brand visibility and SEO, both of which can help them grow their customer base. Blogs on WordPress can accommodate text articles and videos, so brands can pass across their messages effectively.

  • Professional Website

    Businesses looking to create a professional website can use WordPress to build it. It does not require any coding experience. A web designer and front-end developer can combine their efforts and expertise to customize a WordPress website to make it look professional. They will add the necessary extensions and polish it. When the website is finished, it will look like it was built from scratch.

  • Ecommerce Store

    Mainstream ecommerce stores like Amazon, BestBuy, and eBay have specially built websites to receive customer orders, but that might be too expensive for mid-sized businesses to replicate. Instead, they can use WordPress to create their ecommerce website. WordPress allows them to design and customize the website to their taste. They can also integrate payment gateways with their new website.

  • Job Board

    A recruitment agency can use WordPress to create a website where they advertise job vacancies and receive applications from eligible job seekers.

  • Online Forum

    Businesses that have lots of customers can create an online forum with WordPress where users of their products can form a community and share their experiences with the products. They can also offer helpful tips and guides to people in need.

Reasons to Use WordPress

There are several website-hosting platforms but WordPress stands out as a top choice for many businesses for the following reasons:

  • Flexible

    WordPress websites are flexible and can be tweaked to suit the specific use case a company has for it. It supports many extensions, plugins, widgets, and third-party applications.

  • Reliable

    WordPress websites hardly experience downtime when they are managed well. This is why over 30% of the websites, including those owned by big brands, are built with WordPress.

  • Secure

    WordPress is secure and effectively keeps cyber attackers away. It also allows companies to add more security features to make their website safer.

  • Fast

    Slow websites are a pain and businesses avoid platforms that cannot quickly load webpages. WordPress is fast and has a wide range of themes to make websites run even faster.

  • Multi-language support

    WordPress is used in over 150 countries and supports many languages so business websites can serve a global audience.

  • Affordable

    Businesses can use WordPress for free. It is an open-source platform with a basic version that is free for all users. It also has premium tiers with more advanced features that are affordable when compared to other website hosting services.

Benefits of Outsourcing WordPress Website Management

Outsourcing WordPress website management to a reputable company is recommended because it allows business owners to focus on their core operations. It also has the following benefits:

  • Few business disruptions

    Third-party companies that offer WordPress website management services have experts who can tackle almost any issue on hand. This ensures that they will address any issue that arises as quickly as possible, reducing downtime and business disruptions.

  • Optimize website performance

    Minor design changes to a WordPress website could sometimes result in a significant drop in performance. Potential customers will notice these performance drops and it can drive them towards a business’s competitors. Businesses can prevent these performance impacts by outsourcing their design changes to a company that does them effectively and can troubleshoot any issue that arises.

  • Useful plug-in suggestions

    WordPress website management companies know the power of WordPress plug-ins and can give expert opinions on the kind of plug-ins a business should use to improve their operations. They can also implement these suggestions and enable said company to appeal to more customers and increase their revenue.

  • Cyber attack prevention and disaster recovery

    Management companies employ appropriate cybersecurity strategies to stop WordPress websites from being attacked by cybercriminals. In the event of a successful cyberattack, they will launch quick and effective disaster recovery efforts to recover the website and make it operational again.

  • Lower management costs

    Outsourcing WordPress website management to reliable companies can cost less than hiring a team of experts to work full-time. This is because third-party companies work with several businesses and are not designed to be dependent on one business to make money. Meanwhile, full-time experts will need to be paid a full salary with benefits.


WordPress websites are relatively easy to create and are essential to businesses that are trying to conduct business online. However, the websites need to be managed efficiently to function optimally. Businesses can either manage them themselves or hire the services of a reliable third-party WordPress website management company. The latter is likely to be more cost-effective and come with the benefits listed above.