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How can you switch to a Paid WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Paid WordPress Maintenance Plan
A paid WordPress maintenance plan can prove to be of great help to your business for recurring revenue. Hence, if you are using a free WordPress maintenance plan, now is the time to upgrade to a paid WordPress maintenance plan to benefit your business.

Now, the question arises as to why you need a WordPress maintenance plan?

WordPress is one of the most popular website content management systems across the globe and is used by major brands & bloggers alike. As per research by W3Techs, WordPress is used by about 33.6% of all websites & accounts for roughly 60 percent of all sites with a known content management platform.

However, just creating up a WordPress website is not a ‘set and ignore’ it proposition. If you are making use of WordPress as a content management platform for your website, it is necessary that you have a Wordpress maintenance plan.

What benefits do you get with the paid WordPress maintenance plan?

  • You get a secured WordPress website: Security is important not just for business websites, but also for all various types of online platforms.

    When you perform regular maintenance to the business website, you make sure that it remains safe and secure – no hacking activities, no unauthorized access, no security threats, and no malware. The more secure the WordPress website, the more your customers will trust in the business.

  • You save your valuable time: Consistently spent on the drudgery of ensuring your WordPress site support is satisfactory is an hour not spent on dealing with your clients and developing your business. A general organization goes through more than 5 hours of the week on everything from staying up with the latest, to making backups and verifying their site. For most, this is effectively several dollars every month without considering the opportunity cost of what you could be doing – dealing with your business.

When you hire a WordPress developer for outsourcing the WordPress maintenance exercises, it evacuates this heap of mind desensitizing week after week assignments from your plate. Also, it gives you the feeling of serenity that accompanies realizing your site is managed by WordPress experts that accomplish these things consistently.

How do you transition to a paid WordPress maintenance plan?

Now, if you are using the free WordPress maintenance plan, it is imperative that you switch to a paid WordPress maintenance plan to benefit your business. But, how do you do it? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are the steps that you may follow:

  • Educate your customers: This is the very first step in the process. You must educate your customers about the importance of maintenance. This may be the thing you haven’t told your customers about, hence, they need to be educated.

    For instance, you must explain to them that you have been doing a lot of their work to keep their websites live and running. Explain to them that you have been doing all this for free to date.

  • Explain to your clients you cannot do it for free: Now this step can be really difficult. But, you need to explain to your customers that you cannot no longer work for free. If you are serious about increasing your business and need to move ahead, you need to take this hard step.

    By talking with your customer for paid maintenance service, you are making a very reasonable argument and any genuine customer will understand that you cannot work for this service free and it can be chargeable.

  • Give options to the customers: You must give various options to your clients and remember, switching to a paid WordPress maintenance plan should be the most appealing option to them as this your ultimate goal.

    If your customers agree, well and good. If they don’t then just do nothing. Wait for their websites to crash without any maintenance and this is when they will realize how important website maintenance is for them. Also, try giving them discounts so that get attracted and take up the paid maintenance services.

  • You then need to set a specific date: This is the final step when you have to make the transition and cut off all your freeloading customers. You need to draw a thin line and then stick to it. However, we also need to understand that not all customers are going to switch to the paid WordPress maintenance plan. So, you have to understand this fact and let go of some customers who are not worth your business and move ahead.


With these tips, you can have a smooth transition to a paid WordPress maintenance plan to increase the revenue of your business. Also, you can hire a top WordPress development company to help you in the process.

This offers you the stability to build a solid business and trust amongst the customers. A paid WordPress maintenance plan is quite a great way to do it. And if you are not, hopefully, this piece of article will surely get you there.