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Header image and custom logo height

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    Hello all,

    I bought the Bizweb WordPress theme a few days ago and I started a new website with it.
    I believe it’s a very nice theme and I can see your professionalism and dedication all over it. Now that i re-read what I wrote, i realize it sounds sarcastic, but no, I am serious. I think it looks really nice, and I would like to thank you for this.

    I came across two bugs, though, or features, I don’t know yet:
    1. the “Header image” doesn’t work. No matter how I crop it, it doesn’t show. Should it have a specific size?
    2. the “manage your custom logo height” doesn’t work. I manage to make it as I wanted by editing the file “Stylesheet.css”, I don’t believe this is the way it’s supposed to work, since the option is there, in the “Theme Options” interface.

    Can you please take a look at your code and let me know?

    I am using WordPress 4.8.1, on provider.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Grace Themes

    Hi Andrei,

    Thanks for using Bizweb WordPress theme and also thanks for your appreciation.

    1) the ‘Header image’ doesn’t work in PRO theme.
    If you want to use header image, please make some changes in header.php file and inc/custom-header.php file

    Go to Appearance -> Editor -> inc/custom-header.php
    at line no 38 you will find the
    now just rename it with .header{

    Go to Appearance -> Editor -> header.php
    at line no 152, comment/remove the below code
    //echo '<img src="'.esc_url( $header_image ).'" width="'.get_custom_header()->width.'" height="'.get_custom_header()->height.'" alt="" />';

    2. To manage the logo height from Basic Settings
    Go to Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php
    after line no. 303 find below code

    if( of_get_option('bodyfontsize',true) != ''){
    	echo "body{font-size:".of_get_option('bodyfontsize',true)."}";

    Now add below code after the above code

    if( of_get_option('logoheight', true) != ''){
    	echo ".logo img { height:".of_get_option('logoheight', true)."px;}";

    Now Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Basic Settings -> Set Logo height -> and click on Save Options button

    If you are finding any difficulties in doing this changes, please send your website URL and WordPress admin login details for temporary so we quickly can make changes in your website.

    Please check and let me know your feedback.

    Grace Themes


    Hi guys,

    All your changes are made now, and of course, everything works fine. Thank you for your quick answer!
    If I may, just one more question. Again, everything is fine now, so this is more like a general question:

    I made the changes you told me about, so now my local BizWeb theme will not be the same as the BizWeb theme on your server. What will happen when WordPress will check for updates for the themes, or maybe WordFence will compare local and remote files for differences? (I believe the latter I can solve by telling WordFence to ignore specific files, but anyways…)

    I mean, maybe the logo height thing was a bug, but as far as I understand, the Header image not working, was on purpose and NOT a bug, so there’s no way the above change will ever be a part of the theme on your server.

    Do you think that this can be a problem, or the theme reached its final stage (version) and there will be no updates, ever.

    I’m not a native English speaker, so I don’t know if I made my questions clear enough. Please let me know if it’s not clear.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Grace Themes


    The logo height problem was a issues and we have update the theme to resolve this

    Now there will be no updates in the theme. This will always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

    If you are getting any problem in your website, you can contact us any time. Our support team is always ready to help you.

    Grace Themes


    Ok, good. For now it’s all clear.

    Thank you very much, for everything.

    Kind regards,

    Grace Themes

    You are most Welcome.!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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