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Reply To: How to remove frame from picture

Grace Themes

Hi Richard,

Thanks for developing this beautiful and professional looking website using BuildUp PRO theme

To remove the picture frame from the ‘ABOUT US’ section
Go to Appearance -> Theme Options-> Basic Settings -> Custom CSS
and add below css code in custom css box
.whothumbbx:after { border: none; }

Also we are suggesting you some things to improve your website

1. The ‘ABOUT US’ section image is looking too high, it would be nice if you can reduce the height of the image.

2. In the column services section just below ‘ABOUT US’, the first column displaying text excerpt but not in other three column. So it will look better if you hide the text description.
To remove text description add below css code in Custom CSS box
.fourbox p { display: none; }

3. The ‘Why Fellowship with Us’ section is looking distorting. See screenshot
To look it good, need to increase the minimum height of boxes
Go to Appearance -> Editor -> style.css file
and at the end of file add below css code and click on update file button
.whychooseusborder { min-height:182px !important; }

4. With white background color footer is not looking well.
You can set the background image for footer also
Go to Appearance -> Theme options -> Footer -> Select background Image for footer
You can also set the background color for the footer from Basic Settings

All other sections and inner pages are looking awesome.

Please check this and let me know your feedback.

Garce Themes