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Reply To: Online Consulting ProVersion: pro 1.1 – Section not appearing properly

Lucius Douglas

Email thread so others will understand the problem.

The services section ordering issue is getting due to the ” Post Types Order ” plugin
I have deactivated the plugin. Now the services section is looking fine

My Response:
But now that affects the ability to order posts. Why in the world that plug-in would have ‘any’ effect on a theme is simply dumbfounding. Is there a workaround?

The services section pages will display in the order which is set by the Post Types order plugin.

My Response:
But why? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. If your code is using WordPress functions to arrange the order, you need to change that. It’s logical. You stipulate which is the 1st section, which is the 2nd section and which is the 3rd section. A simple array would handle the order. Using default WordPress functionality to handle this brings conflicts such as this one into play. It’s NOT the way to handle it.

Now I have to figure out a way to list posts in the order the client wants without screwing up their home page. This is frustrating.

Listen, I’ve developed websites from scratch my first few years before changing to CMS platforms. I understand using shortcuts to save coding but this is not one that your website theme developers should have taken as WordPress default functions are constantly being altered by plugins for enhanced capabilities such as the Post Type Order plugin.

I recommend you add this to your list of functions to change.