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Reply To: Polylang Compatibility

Galanto Ltd.

Yes, I know this from my own experience 😉 However, I continue to use the Power Club theme because I like it (but I don’t know how long it will be).

Therefore, with the best of feelings, I suggest that it is time to work on this issue and make it compatible with Polylang.

There are many reasons for my proposal.

1. As I already wrote, qTranslate-X is no longer supported because it is not promising. There are enthusiasts who continue to develop it on their own, but only because it is difficult to switch from it to Polylang, especially for large sites with many posts (for example, I’m still struggling with the transfer to Polylang, I didn’t do everything automatically).

2. qTranslate-X does not handle SEO well. If he does anything at all on this subject, it is only for the main language. At Polylang, each language is a page in itself and works perfectly for the SEO.

3. No matter how beatiful your themes are, no one will see their beauty if they are somewhere in the back of the search engine rankings. And with qTranslate-X, they can’t be in the top places. Or at least not in all languages. But I’m not sure about the main one either, because search engines are entangled in its tags.

4. Sharing posts with qTranslate-X on social media seems disgusting, as they also do not take into account its tags. And the titles in all possible languages ​​are listed first, without hiding the tags. It looks extremely unprofessional!

There are others, but these reasons are enough, I hope.

Sooner or later you will be forced to follow the principle on which Polylang or similar works, so – better think about it now.

I want to say once again that this is not a hate, but a constructive proposal that you should think about, and as soon as possible, not to reject it lightly, because one day it will be extremely difficult for you. I assume that many people will abandon your themes.I know a lot of them myself, because I have recommended your themes and your perfect support.

With the best feelings and wishes for successful work!