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Reply To: Photo Gallery

Galanto Ltd.

I meant that photos had on the screen without being geometrically arranged – there were free spaces between them where obviously can located photos. I appreciate that a picture is a portrait, and others are landscape. Although this seems obvious, it could be arranged without free spaces between photos.

The gallery seemed so (not good arranged) with different browsers and on different devices.

As example of my words you could see now gallery of – category RECOGNITION.

This situation is fine apparently accidentally, by simply added another photo – all photos are arranged without free spaces now.

This information about categories was very useful (thank you), but I think that there is some problem. I can see all categories that I have asked, but after mouse click on any category, the screen below is empty. And certainly there is such categories. Interestingly, the first category it is working properly.

I do not know how I could give you more understandable description of the problem, it’s the same site, you can look –

I test again when I write this and I see that it is problem only if I use Bulgarian variant of gallery – on English it work better.

Sorry that I again write about problems, usually I am fully positive man ;-). But I’m sure it is useful for you, too.