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Most Popular Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2023

Since the invention of many WordPress, many people and companies have found it hard to divert their attention elsewhere. Some people have shifted from being regular users to bloggers.

Additionally, WordPress has helped many of its users with WP-related articles on ThemeGrill Blog.

Thus, this has led to the majority following up their news, ideas, views, reviews, and insights. Bloggers do a lot of research. Moreover, they need to read and follow news and updates for their writing.

There are numerous blogs about WordPress which come with amazing resources that can help you appreciate your blogging to another level. As a WordPress lover, not only do you need to follow WordPress blogs but also read their news and updates.

This will prove beneficial in helping you learn how to write a blog post fast. And below are some of the best and most popular WordPress blogs in 2023. Having a blog you may hire a cheap essay writer to run it and attract new visitors.

ShoutMeLoud Blog

ShoutMeLoud Blog is a circle of bloggers who have tips and tricks that can help you learn how to write a first blog post.

They share these tips and trick with beginners which helps them not to undergo the long process of getting used to WordPress.

With ShoutMeLoud Blog, there are many tips and tricks you can use to make money from your blog. Additionally, this site features a forum for fanatics or enthusiasts who love hanging around and talking about topics related to WordPress.

Moreover, this site is dedicated to more than one genre. You can use the tips and tricks to enhance or elevate your food, fashion, business, or travel blogs.

And, the tutorials provided include videos which are in the tutorials itself. Furthermore, ShoutMeLoud offers a free IOS and android app to download and view it. It is one of the best WordPress blogs because of its resourceful thinking and options for users.


WPGlob is a multipurpose platform where you may find WordPress tutorials, reviews, articles, and tips. Blog articles are categorized like:

  • Beginners Guide- where you may obtain basic knowledge and make your first steps into the world of WordPress
  • Plugins Review- in this section, you are able to find thorough reviews about different plugins for almost all your purposes
  • Top lists- here you can meet the best WP products around a certain topic
  • Holidays- if you try to get acquainted with the best seasonal deals, then you should go no further than visiting the articles in this category
  • Plugin Marketing- in this section, you may find valuable recommendations on how to complete your WP product Marketing to get the absolute result

Along with providing articles, WPGlob suggests you request a “Free plugin consulting” to marketing specialists to better understand what method of product promotion will match your company most. You can choose either Video or Content Marketing based on your business strategies and product type.

As well as you may get a free, scrolling plugin named Autoscroll on WPGlob.

Elegant Themes Blog

As the name suggests, Elegant Themes Blog is more a theme collection blog. Additionally, it has WordPress plugins and templates and tutorials. As a blogger, you can find anything related to WordPress in this site.

Elegant Themes Blog also features all the news and updates that are available for WordPress. Beginners and professionals have a perfect guidance tool. This helps them not get stranded while trying to learn more about getting used to WordPress.


WPMU DEV Blog is an ideal platform for professional bloggers to begin their WordPress business. Not only does this site grant you access to the WordPress Academy when you sign up but also provides you with everything you may need for your WordPress site.

For instance, plugins, security, templates, marketing and SEO tools, updates, and professional support from experts.

Additionally, WPMU DEV enables you to find developers who can help you advertise your business. This will help you acquire tips, tricks, and tutorials you can use to get your website running and work at a peak level.
These functionalities make WPMU DEV one the best WordPress blogs for writing a successful blog in 2019.

ThemeGrill Blog

Theme Grill Blog is a WordPress blog which brings out the best quality when it comes to blogging. It has resourceful articles which are based on intensive research. Hence, as a blogger, this is one of the best sites to use to write your blogs.

Additionally, Theme Grill Blog features WordPress tutorial, tips, and trick, how to guides, WordPress news, information, reviews, and trends.

The blog site also has WordPress theme and plugin collections, WordPress coupons and deals, and WordPress reviews.

Furthermore, this site has customers who come from organic search results that visit it daily or monthly thus making it remarkable.

Yoast Blog

Many blogging sites focus on the overall outlook of the site. However, Yoast Blog specializes in the SEO-ing aspect of WordPress. It gets many visitors which can help you enhance your tips to write a good blog post.
Yoast Blog comes with WordPress content-related plugins which you can use to augment or improve your WordPress site.

Additionally, it offers WordPress plugins which help make your work easier. Yost Blog is one of the best WordPress blogs to get your guides to writing a travelblog.

WooCommerce Blog

Many bloggers who have a business website know how the WooCommerce Blog functions. But, if you do not have one, then WooCommerce is the best WordPress blog for you.

You want to start your online enterprise and get a better experience? WooCommerce blog provides you with the tips, guidelines, and tutorials to do so.

Get your WooCommerce subscriptions and latest news and updates on this site. This will guarantee you access to a list of plugins you can download.

CodeinWP Blog

If you are looking to set up your WordPress site, CodeinWP is the best blog site to use. It purposes to provide WordPress related-content which you can easily understand.

Additionally, you can build your dream site using the available tools while being guided. Code inWP is updated weekly, and it comes with tutorials and comparisons lists which can help you understand it better.

Moreover, its contents are intensively researched and finalized. Hence, you can rely on wholly them. What more can you ask if you want to learn how to write a blog in WordPress?

WPExplorer Blog

WPExplorer, as the name suggests, is a blog which explores all the WordPress-related aspects to give you quality content.

Its guides and tutorials are easy to follow, and it comes with a collection of themes and templates, and comparative and product reviews.

Additionally, this site has tips and tricks you can use to attract traffic and users to your site. WPExplorer is complete with coupons and hostings’ options thus making it best power-packed and reliable WordPress blog.

In conclusion, the above are some of the best WordPress blogs in 2023. Not only do they publish every useful WordPress-related content but also help WordPress users, bloggers, developers, and other persons interested. So, if you want to start a blog to get to writing a good blog post, use the above blogs.