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Best Free High-Quality WordPress Themes with multiple menus

Free High-Quality WordPress Themes

The ecommerce industry has taken an taken a super fast pace and the manner in which it is moving it surely will overtake all the retail stores in the near future. What made the growth so fast and prominent?

Fast services and quality products are a secondary matter, the primary concern is the layout of your website. The WordPress Development Company that offers a platform for website creation, works with t developer to provide the best quality and featured themes to create an effective website.

The features of the theme play an important role in customizing a website, and while many factors are considered while designing one, the navigation feature is the one the underrated yet important tool that enhances the viewer’s navigating experience.

Some of the top WordPress themes that will assist you in adding multiple menus to the website are listed below.

  1. Wedding Bells Lite

    The WordPress development team develops a theme under the name Wedding bells lite which offers the wedding events and invitations to be displayed over the internet.

    The theme is clean and requires minimal efforts to create an efficient website. It allows you to post wedding related information, photographs, share your journey etc.

    The theme feature includes custom navigation and option to create multiple menus to enhance the browsing experience of the viewer. It allows you to make changes to color schemes, fonts, layouts of the page etc. The theme offers a broad homepage slider where you can showcase many images depending on the site you run.

    Prominent Features

    • Responsive and retina ready webpage
    • Beautiful and elegant layouts for wedding purpose
    • Has plugin compatibility with Woocommerce, NextGen etc
    • Offers various color schemes and customization options


  2. Charity Help Lite

    The design is kept quite simple and to the point for the people who want a decent website without any extraordinary attractions. This theme is designed especially for charitable institutes, NGO, and fundraising institutes that want to attract decent clients. It offers multiple menu options which can be an advantage to easily browse from one page to another.

    Charity help lite is your go-to option when you want to create a simple yet effective website, it comes with various plugin compatibilities along with color options that are kept decent.

    The SEO friendly theme helps you to rank better in the search results. It does not require the help of any developer as creating a website is free from the hassle of codes.


    • Professional and elegant designs
    • Customized menu options and color schemes
    • Well -responsive over all the platforms
    • Woocommerce, Nextgen plugin compatibility


  3. Pubstore Lite

    A perfect theme for a wine shop, hotel bars or pub is easy to use and contains layouts that excite the viewer’s and helps to increase the number of visitors to the website. The colors are finely sorted serving the purpose of the theme. It has user-friendly customization features that allow you to make changes to the homepage, layouts, menu bar etc.

    The theme offers to add multiple menus so that the website’s contents can be spread over a few numbers of web pages instead of cluttering them on a single page.

    Advantages of Pubstore Lite

    • Used with the latest version of WordPress
    • SEO friendly design
    • Integrates various plugins like Woocommerce, Contact Form 7 etc.
    • Multiple menu options


  4. Corporate View

    A well-designed theme that is best for freelancers, designer, artist and big corporate companies as the name suggests. The business organizations and product selling companies make good use of this theme to create an efficient website.

    It creates robust free, powerful, efficient and fast loading website for your business. The theme is designed using the latest technological invention and easy customization options.

    This free version of corporate view comes with many premium version features and tools. The theme has been beautifully built with a responsive layout, a large header, and attractive slider image option. While designing the web page you can see the live preview of your website which makes it easy to analyze the required changes. Another main feature of this theme is that it comes with translation and multilingual features.

    Best Features

    • Responsive over platforms like mobile, tablets, PCs etc.
    • SEO friendly web design
    • Option to create multiple menus


  5. BizGrowth Lite

    This theme is a special design for blogger, photography institutes, and the best platform to create your work portfolios. Marking its specialty BizGrowth lite is suitable for even the corporate business website along with such creative businesses.

    It allows maximum flexibility while creation of a web page with the assistance of customized options and code-free development.

    You can create a category of the web page using multiple menu options that allow the viewers to browse the website and search for the right information easily. It includes an unlimited number of colors and a number of page layouts to select from. The sidebar navigation, page scrolling option, social media icons can be integrated into the website using BizGrowth Lite.

    Main Features

    • Option to create multiple menus
    • User-friendly design
    • Offers various color schemes
    • Multilingual and translation features


  6. Endanger

    Going by its name the theme endanger is a free, adventurous web page layout used by travel bookings, camp organizing companies, sports club or maybe even another type of business wherever suitable.

    The theme is user-friendly from start to end and has integrated features of customizing tools along with color schemes and layout designs to choose from.

    The multiple menu options allow the camping sites to differentiate the page according to places so that it becomes easy to track and book for a particular place and time.

    Features to be noted

    • Optimized to integrate with different plugins like Woocommerce, Contact Form 7, NextGen etc.
    • Beautiful and creative page layouts
    • Fast loading web page and SEO friendly.
    • Uses multiple menu options to create a better page


  7. BeautiPlus

    Here is a collection of quality WordPress free themes for book authors, bloggers, writers, artists. This is a free modern WordPress design created using the latest technological inventions.

    It has been made more efficient an pro to SEO tools. With the increasing use of mobile phones, BeautiPlus has been created as retina ready responsive design over different devices. It uses multiple menus to bifurcate the contents of the website and integrates many custom features which help in making manual changes to the theme.

    Key Points

    • No hassle to create and manage codes
    • Custom features with color schemes
    • User-friendly design
    • Uses compatible plugins like Contact Form 7, NextGen gallery etc.


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