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8 Proven Ways to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Customers

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Looking to improve your conversion rates? Social media offers billions of active users and a number of marketing opportunities.

In fact, studies show that 52% of online brand discovery happens on social media, while both Millenials and Gen Z consider social media the most relevant advertising platform of all.

Given the research, it’s understandable that so many marketers use social media to increase their conversion rates.

Not particularly sure how to convert your social media followers into customers? This article is a great start. We will cover the best 8 ways to increase your social media conversions.

  1. Research and target the right audience

    Most of the time, the secret to increased conversions lies in targeting the right people. Research your target market to identify their needs, pain points, and expectations. This will help you choose the right communication strategy and the most effective social media channels.

    For instance, if you are using Twitter to promote your online business, you may keep a close eye on your audience. Investigate well about their likes, comments and strategize your plan accordingly.

    It may help you to make more profit. You may also find out the best sites to buy Twitter followers to increase engagement quickly.

    Besides knowing the demographics of your target audience, you should be able to answer questions like these:

    • What are their likes and dislikes?
    • Which content entertains them?
    • What kind of posts do they share on social media?

    When you learn the answers to these questions, it will be easier to craft targeted and personalized content that will improve your conversions.

  2. Avoid over promotional messages

    Over promotional messages and sales posts can be a huge turnoff for prospective customers. The best practice here is to follow the 80/20 rule. The rule implies that 80% of your content should be educational and only 20% can be promotional.

    Following these proportions will help you engage your prospects and build trusting and organic relationships. Therefore, your followers will be more likely to convert into customers after you’ve got them interested and gained their trust.

    Also, it’s important to be a part of the conversation. This implies that you have to monitor the latest trends in your industry and share your expert opinion on social media. In order to buy from you, your followers must recognize you as a reliable and qualified brand.

  3. Post consistently

    The social media success formula requires that you produce high-quality content on a regular basis. To increase conversions, your followers must constantly interact with your brand. This requires a consistent calendar of social media content.

    Additionally, consistency is an effective persuasion technique. When people see the same image, idea, or word regularly over time, they tend to draw associations between your brand and those messages.

    Additionally, all of your content must broadcast consistent and relevant ideas. For example, your logo must be consistent with your visuals, and your posts must be consistent with your brand’s values.

    It can be challenging to keep your content consistent and up to date. That’s why it’s useful to delegate some of your in-house responsibilities to dedicated services like Zyro free logo maker.

    Also, it’s useful to link your social media accounts to your WordPress website. For example, you can create a social media landing page featuring the latest Instagram posts and Facebook updates.

    This way, your visitors will be able to see your social media efforts right away as they land on your website. Read more about how to increase Instagram follower. Besides, there are many platforms, such as SMM panel, that can assist you in boosting your social media presence and increasing your Instagram followers.

  4. Inspire user-generated content

    Basically, user-generated content (UGC) implies any brand-related content (including photos, videos, posts, and comments) created and posted by social media users.

    Being a powerful form of social proof, UGC has the potential to increase engagement and conversion rates. In fact, studies show that the average conversion rates of visitors who see UGC is 161% higher than those who don’t.

    UGC inspires trust among prospective customers as they tend to perceive it as a recommendation rather than a sales pitch. It’s also a great way to turn your followers into brand advocates.

    So, how do you encourage UGC? The answer is by running contests across your social media platforms.

  5. Run social media contests

    You can run a contest asking entrants to post a picture of your product with a branded hashtag to their Instagram/Facebook stories. This way, you’ll increase brand awareness, boost your social media engagement, and, as a consequence, enhance conversions.

    Additionally, you can cover your social media contests on your WordPress website. Tell users all about the contest in a separate blog or on the news feed. This way, you’ll get more people participating in the contest.

  6. Collaborate with influencers

    Did you know that 49% of customers say they depend on influencers when making their buying decisions? This is almost half of your potential customers.

    Influencers have the power to introduce your products to their audience, and it’s a pity when marketers don’t use it to their advantage.

    If you want to increase conversions, you want to ensure that your target audience aligns with the influencer’s audience. Also, it’s important to choose influencers who broadcast the same values as your brand does.

    Consider partnering with micro-influencers whose follower base is up to 50,000 users. They prove to have higher engagement rates and are deemed more trustworthy than mega-influencers.

  7. Implement social listening

    Social listening implies monitoring your social media platforms for customer feedback, any brand-related keywords, mentions, competitors, etc.

    Analyze the results of your social listening efforts to gain insights into customer behavior and any brand-related tendencies.

    Acting on the results of social listening will give a competitive advantage over those who don’t employ social media potential to its fullest.

  8. Include strong a call to action

    You won’t be able to convert your social media followers into customers if they don’t know how to make a purchase. That’s why you must provide clear directions on where to buy your products.

    Link your social media posts to your website. Make sure that all URLs you provide are accurate and lead to the relevant products.

    If you use social media platforms themselves for eCommerce purposes, include fewer steps to make a purchase. The easier it is to buy from you, the more followers will convert into paying customers.

Final thoughts

Social media platforms are amazingly powerful in increasing conversions and building connections with the target audience. Ensure to add these tactics into your social media strategy to boost your conversion rates. Good luck!