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10 Key Components Of Top eCommerce Website Design

If you’re thinking of building an online store, you’ll need to make sure that your website design is top-notch. A good website design will not only look great on the front end, but it will also be easy to use and manage. In this post, we’ll provide you with 10 key components that are essential for any good eCommerce website design. So whether you’re just starting or want to make your website design even better, read on for all the info you need.

Design Components

  • Style: Easy-to-use And Simple Design

    Minimalistic Design
    This kind of website design is one of the other extremely important factors. If your store website is full of messy displays and it’s jumbled, cluttered, and dirty, few people will be brave and stay long enough to venture in. By contrast, a minimalistic and easy-to-use e-commerce website design with a simple and modern color scheme and elegant, sans-serif typography can attract shoppers’ eyes and make them stay for a longer time.

    A minimalistic website will make customers fill and also load faster. This is extremely useful in reducing bounce rate, increasing time on site, and engaging more visitors.

    A great platform to build a website like that is Magento. Consider Magento as a top priority if you want to build a long-lasting, reliable eCommerce site for your company or yourself. It gives you the chance to expand your platform in order to develop distinctive and differentiating branded experiences. Just remember to migrate to Magento 2 if you want to give this platform a go.

    Color Code

    The colors you choose for your website must be the same color as your logo key visual. It will help your customers not be confused about whether they are visiting the right place or misunderstand you with your opponents. Therefore, choose a scheme that evokes your brand’s key message.

    Design colors should combine these tones including the right tone, shade, and tint. For example, pure colors are great for brands looking to make a bold statement. On the opposite side, when colors are mixed with white, tints are created.

    Sans-serif font will increase your website’s readability. In the study conducted by Heydon Pickering, more than 51 percent of websites that participated in their study used Sans-serif font design for headlines to make them stand out better and are readable regardless of distance.

  • User-Friendly Navigation

    Satisfying, easy-to-use navigation keeps your visitors engaged towards their site and motivates them to come back repeatedly. If your visitor has to think too hard or gets irritated, they will leave, leading to a higher bounce rate. By contrast, good navigation improves user experience and increases sales and revenue.

    So, the following tips can assist you in improving your site’s navigation effectively:

    Run tests with target users using a card sorting tool. Such a tool will help you analyze how your target users think and how they would have sorted the labels on your website themselves. This way you can better adjust the existing site’s navigation to users’ expectations.

    The homepage navigation menu should be placed at the top of the page on the left side of the page. It should comprise narrow-down options that help users find other categories easily.

    A search bar is highly recommended to place towards the top of every homepage on your eCommerce website. This will help users instantly find the products they want.

    Your product listings should use meaningful categories, subcategories, and labels. On other hand, the multi-filters function is necessary to install to maximize customer experience.

    Remember that a good site design will also help in order fulfilment processes because a well-designed layout can help customers understand their order’s status and your customer support folks can point them in the right direction if certain support tickets are raised.

  • High-Quality Product Visual Images

    Unlike brick-and-mortar retail stores, shoppers can not see, touch, or try out your products when they buy through an online store. Consequently, they will decide to make purchase decisions mostly because of the products’ photos.

    So from this time, let’s invest and hire a professional team or studio to shoot your product with high-quality pictures. A high-quality video about the product also boosts the authenticity and reliability of the product because customers can see how the product looks in real life.

    Once you have your selection of images, you can display them in an eye-catching product gallery. This can help you keep your product images organized and improve user experience.

  • Helpful Product Description

    After being attracted by compelling pictures or videos, customers usually will go to the description part to get relevant and useful information about the product. So make sure that your description will be clear and useful especially can convey effectively the value of your product.

    Here are some tips to make your description prominent:

    • Structure pieces of content well, use simple words but still attractive and hypnotic.
    • Highlight how the product will benefit them, and how the product considerably positively changes their life.
    • Cross-sale by showing another product that is better and suits their needs
    • While a great product description will keep customers engaged on the page, a well-timed popup or sticky bar can nudge them toward the checkout.
  • Mobile-Friendly Version

    It’s necessary to make your website applicable for any type of mobile-friendly version or portable device your customers hold. You can also consider integrating progressive web app into your website, as more and more businesses do that nowadays.

    It’s proven that a site that has a responsive mobile design is more successful compared to one that is not. It is also one of the successful keys for sky-rocketing your sales eCommerce website.

Features Components

  • Personalization

    Every individual wants everyone to pay attention and recognize him/her by his or her name. That is why when you personalize your email subject line and greeting sentence, your open rate will go up then the same email sent to everyone.

    When you have your customer information in the form of a personal account, you can draw on their past purchases or previously viewed pages to create specific recommendations for that customer only.

  • Sign Ups

    Your Sign up page is a landing page where visitors can take action to create a personal account. When customers sign up for an account, they can gain lots of data and information. You can implement this data for marketing campaigns or customer-caring purposes later on. Creating an account also makes the site more personalized for the users.

    You can integrate some applications that allow users to sign up with Google and Facebook if they have an account.

  • Contact Info And Feedback

    Whenever a problem happens, customers can reach you with your contact information found on the website. It should be one of your staff’s contacts so that customers will know who they are going to talk to. In turn, this helps you make and sustain long-term relationships with your customers.

    You can apply a “chat live” function or set up a feedback form so that customers will be able to chat when it is out of office time. Furthermore, live chat reduces repetition so that customers do not need to explain the issue they’re having over and over again. Just remember to check chat or form regularly and send back replies within 24 hours.

  • Wishlists

    Wishlists allow your customers to save a product for the future in case they do not have enough money to buy it now or have some trouble with their way to checking out.

    You can also take advantage of your customers’ wishlists by analyzing the data from your webshop. You can know precisely your customer persona, their habit, interests, their common level of income, etc. Using this kind of data for your marketing and sales campaign will gain lots of revenue soon.

  • Ratings And Reviews

    Positive reviews and high ratings can reassure customers by proving that other buyers of the product are happy with their purchasing decision. Reviews are also a form of “word of mouth” marketing method, users will trust reviews from other buyers than from the brand.

    Especially since most consumers now read online reviews, eCommerce businesses need to rethink their strategies to take advantage of the viral effects of customer reviews. This helps improve brand awareness, reputation, and trust.

    Overall, by implementing ratings and reviews features you will stay ahead of the competition.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, an excellent eCommerce website design will help your business grow successfully in a competitive market. Applying the eCommerce website elements mentioned above to kickstart your business and upgrade the user experience. That is a wise decision that will help your business grow in the future.