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WordPress Development: 6 Benefits Of WordPress Built Websites

WordPress Development
Wonder what WordPress (development) really is about? Probably not. But in case you do, it is a profession that is based on the infrastructure of PHP programming.

And it also requires complete comprehension of the WordPress library, core, or other common practices. And these practices are based on the production of great WordPress based products.

You may be familiar with this definition or explanation. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with it, it does make complete sense to you, right? Now that you have an idea about what it is, you can comprehend the benefits of using WordPress for website development.

That being said, what most is fascinating about WordPress development is its advantages—if you are interested in building a website, of course. Or wants to help in the development process (you want to be part of the team).

To become a professional website developer has a steep learning curve. You have to start from HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and on it goes! Bored already?! If you are, surprisingly, you are not alone! There are a lot of people who hate programming.

And it is normal to for shortcuts (because most of us prefer it). We want a shortcut to success, a shortcut to wealth, a shortcut to stardom, and also a shortcut to website development.

While there might be no legitimate shortcut to most of those things, WordPress is an efficient shortcut to website development.

It makes it very possible to build websites easily. It is crystal clear to everyone now, right? So, what are the benefits of using WordPress to design a site?

Here is the list you may have been waiting for, eagerly.

  1. WordPress is Cost Effective

    As most of us know, it is free and an open-source tool (blogging). And it is also a CMS—content management. It is established in PHP, and also MySOL.

    With it, you will not spend a lot of your hard-earned money on website creation alone. This is probably one of the more important reasons why people use it. If it is very expensive, it might not be as widely used as it is today.

    And think about upkeep and maintenance expenses. It is relatively cheap and it is not compulsory to learn the programming language(s) like PHP. But, it might do you a lot of good, if you have an idea of what some of these things are.

    So, that is why there are many WordPress web development companies today. If you really know how cost-effective it is, you would love WordPress website development more than anything else.

    It is not abnormal to be uninterested to learn it, you can outsource it to any efficient WordPress web development companies out there. And they will get it done to your specifications.

    Obviously, myriad of people love WordPress, that is why it is the most popular blogging system in use today. More than sixty million websites use it! That is a lot of websites. There are other benefits other than its cost effectiveness.

  2. WordPress is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

    Even a novice knows how relevant this is to web content creation. A lot of people spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year just to create SEO content on the web. Have you heard about Google indexing? You may have.

    Websites built using WordPress have simple and constant codes. This makes the idea of Google indexing so functional in your site.

    It means, in layman words, that your site or blog can be easily seen when someone run a search on Google. This is another reason why it is loved by many and used in website development. An expert knowledge of PHP is not required to use it. But still, you can outsource it too.

    And there is also a customization option for SEO component for each page. It will give you full control on what page to rank in search engine.

    Do you know what that means? You can customize high converting pages to focus on your SEO campaign. And this is great because you can give attention to pages that deserve more attention.

  3. Responsive Website Design

    The most website cannot afford to be accessible to desktops or laptops only. Smartphones are one of the world’s most “in-demand products” due to compatibility, and offers high-speed internet connection on the go.

    If smartphone or mobile phone users cannot have access to your website, you are missing out in a big way. With the myriad of websites that are accessible to smartphones and even mobile users, you cannot compete. And if you cannot, you know what it means.

    So, with WordPress website design, your website will get the benefits of responsive web technologies. With this, you never have to design separate websites for smartphones, desktops, or mobile phones.

    It is very inclusive. And WordPress (development) is completely accessible to everyone with internet connection. it is a great concept: WordPress development.

  4. Adding New Functionalities and Features Easily

    You will have to upgrade the capabilities of your site from time to time. It is adding new functionalities and features on your website. This can be difficult for many websites that do not use it and are created or designed using sophisticated platforms.

    You do not have to worry about this if it is WordPress created sites. With it, you could add as many features and functionalities as you want— and when you want it. WordPress has a very active community with lots of people bringing in new concepts yearly.

    So you have many plug-ins you can easily install. This will help modernize it further. If you need to add new functions to your site, you can get help easily from someone who knows what to do.

  5. Convenient Syndication

    Every website needs inbound links to rank high on Google’s SERP. All your new posts automatically go to an RSS feed (it is conspicuous— at the top of your site).

    This will make others to syndicate your new content easily across other websites and directories. This is what convenient syndicate is about.

  6. Social Media Integration

    With WordPress built website, you can integrate your social media accounts easily—and it would function efficiently. This is another benefit of WordPress built sites.

Kenneth Evans Author

Kenneth Evans is Analyst and Content Marketer of top app development companies. As a Content marketer, He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.