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Why WordPress Is Perfect for Blogging

WordPress Is Perfect for Blogging
WordPress is currently one of the top web development platforms out there. There are a lot of reasons why it has held that spot for years.

One is that it is easily the most versatile web development platform which can be used for e-commerce, personal use, and, most importantly, blogging. A lot of today’s top blogs are made using WordPress, and the number keeps growing each year. According to Google, WordPress is the fastest growing web publishing software.

You might be wondering:

“Of all the web development platforms out there, why do bloggers choose WordPress as their go-to website provider?”

Let’s look into it.

Its Plan and Pricing for Blogs

WordPress is not just versatile when it comes to what websites it can create. It also offers plenty of different options in terms of plans and pricing.

Apart from its free version, WordPress offers Personal, Premium, eCommerce, and Business plans. Bloggers should be after the Blogger plan, which is around $3 a month, billed monthly.


The Blogger plan comes with the basics users will need to start a blog. It has email support, .blog domain, WordPress’s Jetpack Essentials Features, 6GB of storage, dozens of free themes, and an ad-free experience for users, just to name a few. This affordable plan is perfect for bloggers who are just starting out in the industry.

Alternatively, users can stick to WordPress’s free version. Although it is free, it still gives bloggers a lot of freedom when it comes to web management. Some even use the free version as a sort of trial before they kickstart their new website.

It’s SEO-Friendly

SEO or search engine optimization is vital for any website, as it is the defining factor of whether or not a webpage hits the top of a search engine results page (SERP). For bloggers, getting views and clicks is more important than anything else. Why? Because this will be their primary source of income if they are monetizing their website.

Great news:

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. Aside from how it is built for SEO, it also has a ton of tools that website owners can use to give their posts or any other content the extra boost they need to rank up.

It Has Many Useful Plugins for Blogging

Plugins are essentially tools or programs that WordPress users can add to their website on the front or back-end. There is a wide selection of free and paid plugins to choose from. There are also some plugins that are better suited to e-commerce and, of course, blogging. By adding these essential plugins, bloggers can take their websites to the next level.

  • Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is a plugin made by the people behind WordPress. Once they’ve added this to a website, users will be able to increase their website’s SEO by a huge margin. It comes with many useful features, including SEO Analysis, keywords and tags management, snippet editors, and more. Aside from giving their websites a little boost, Yoast SEO also gives users the chance to survey the current state of their site’s ranking.
  • Everest Forms – Bloggers often have to consider their readers’ feedback, questions, and comments. To take care of that, bloggers will need to make use of Everest Forms. This plugin provides users with an unlimited number of forms with multi-column support. Users from other parts of the world who are fluent in different languages can easily answer forms on the website.
  • wpDiscuz – For bloggers, it’s always vital to have some action on posts. With wpDiscuz, WordPress users can keep the ball rolling by allowing their visitors to communicate using a comments section. It is a fast and responsive plugin that comes with other features aside from a comments section.
  • NextGEN Gallery – Food and travel bloggers will find this plugin extremely useful. NextGEN Gallery is a plugin that allows website owners to easily showcase their photos, much as an artist would exhibit his paintings. The galleries are organized in slideshow and thumbnail galleries, allowing website visitors to check out the photos one by one easily.
  • Easy Social Sharing – Social media isn’t a ranking factor in SEO, but it does greatly help when it comes to getting extra views. Easy Social Sharing does exactly what it says it does. The plugin gives users the chance to have their content shared on over 18 social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s User-Friendly

Unlike other web development platforms out there, WordPress is very easy to use for people who have very little knowledge of coding or web development in general.

Here’s the thing:

WordPress is able to guide newcomers into the world of web development through easy controls and intuitive interfaces that everyone can use easily.

Beyond WordPress, there are a ton of source codes for HTML online. You can use them to make the webpages even better. That being said, bloggers who have an inclination towards programming languages can also use WordPress to its full extent.

It Allows for Cooperative Blogging

Blogging isn’t always a one-man job. What’s great about WordPress is that it allows for cooperative blogging. There could be multiple users in one account, and each one could be assigned a separate role to fulfill. In this way, website owners can easily function as a team, even if they are physically far away from one another.

It Has a Huge Library of Themes

Themes dictate the overall appeal and mood the website is going for. WordPress has a huge library of both paid and free themes users can take advantage of. Whether it’s a theme for chefs or a theme for free-spirited adventurers, there’s guaranteed to be at least one theme that fits the user’s needs. It goes without saying that users will be able to create the website of their dreams easily.

Here’s the bottom line:

In general, WordPress is a great and versatile web development platform for all sorts of future website owners. However, people who want to become great bloggers one day will be the ones who can benefit the most from the merits of using this platform. So, if you’re dreaming of becoming the next big internet blogger, look no further than WordPress.