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What Is The Difference Between a Blog And a Website?

a Blog And a Website
When you log onto the Internet, you will often find that the terminology is very confusing especially to a beginner. You might get confused with common terms like a blog and website. For some people, they believe that a blog and website is the same.

However, this is not true. There is a difference between the two and the following paragraphs will give you an insight to them.

  1. Understanding what a website means

    A website is simply a collection of webpages. A webpage is a collection of files that can be accessed online. For example, any article that you read on the Internet is a file that sits in a folder on the Internet that is connected to a server.

    The Internet browser that you use helps you to connect to the file you are reading online. The web address or the URL that you see on the top of the page while you are reading the file is the specific web address of that file.

    This means if you have a bunch of similar files – they form a webpage and when you put all these webpages together they create a website. This is a simple however broad definition of the term website.

  2. What do you mean by a blog?

    A blog is one style of a website or rather a part of a website. The blog displays information in a specific format. The difference between a blog and a website means that the former is part of the latter and tends to be more of a web log where posts are published in a chronological manner.

    The blog is created in order to generate reader engagement and create a community. Blogs can be written on any topic that is related to the niche of the website. You can use them for presenting information, images, podcasts, videos and photography. Blogs are simple and they bring people together.

    You have an option of presenting your posts in an organized and simple manner- they can be filtered, tagged, placed into RSS feeds before they are published on the Internet. The best part of blogs is that search engines are fond of them and if they provide a steady flow of content, the ranks of the website you own will be high.

  3. Learn the difference

    So, from the above, it is evident that there is a difference- a blog is not one type of website, it is a part of a website. There are blogging platforms online that help you create a blog if you wish to make a weblog of your posts.

    WordPress and Blogger are the popular blogging platforms that are available to newcomers who are looking for an easy way to start blogging. These platforms help you create your blog in just a few clicks and they are simple to manage as they have everything done for you.

Therefore, if you wish to create a blog, you just have to use the right platform and not confuse it with a website. There is a difference between the two!