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What is a Parallax Effect, and How Does it Help Your WordPress Site?

What is a Parallax Effect
The dynamic and the digital world demands more and more intuitive websites on the web and over time, no user wants to interact with the one that is not appealing and engaging to them.

There are certain web design features in the market and the Parallax Effect is one of them. It is a web design technique where the background elements scroll slower than foreground content. It can be found in various premium and free WordPress themes.

If implemented correctly, it induces a fascinating and seamless virtual experience and turns your website into a high-performing website. However, since we are talking about web design, it focuses on a variable perception of an image when someone scrolls down on your website. If you have a parallax effect in your WordPress theme, you have a foreground and a background. The background is usually covered by most of the foreground, but technically this is not a rule.

With this blog, you will get to know what exactly is the parallax effect and what is its effect on the WordPress site.

What Does the Parallax Effect Look Like?

As stated above, you will generally find that a parallax effect consists of a slightly hidden background that remains in place, and as the foreground moves, you continue to see the fixed background until all the foreground covers it.

Have a look at some of the popular parallax scrolling themes:

Parallax One – Parallax One is a one-page WordPress theme template that offers clean code, cross-browser compatibility, powerful options and amazing parallax effect. The theme is perfect for the business websites that requires a fully-responsive design.

EPIC – This is my personal favorite, due to the super sleek design. The name is epic and so are its features that include responsive layout, multipurpose template, 8 different layouts, one page, and quality support.

Bridge – Another multipurpose parallax theme with 100 unique layouts, 24 layout concepts, and more.

Winery – Elegant parallax theme for small businesses. The theme is fully compilable with WooCommerce, which means that you can easily sell goods or products from your site.

Notio – Notio is a premium parallax wallet and an ecommerce theme. Some of the features include visual composer plugin, 10 portfolio layouts, RTL (right to left), drag and drop elements, child theme, and much more. It is available for

Osmosis – Osmosis is an effortless and unrivaled multifunctional WordPress theme. Available on ThemeForest for $58, it offers a number of great features like responsive layout, theme options, drag and drop creator, live customizer, WooCommerce support, and more.

Benefits of Using Parallax Effect in WordPress Site

Parallax Effect makes your website more appealing, dynamic, and interactive by creating an illusion of breaking up the page of the website. It makes the content of the site more readable by breaking the content into smaller chunks.

Parallax Scrolling is effective for one-page websites, landing pages, and home pages. It is one of the advanced web design features that overwhelms the user. Also, do not try to use this feature more frequently on the other pages of the website as it may disorient the visitors.

How to Add the Parallax Effect to Your WordPress Site?

To add the Parallax effect to any WordPress theme, you can use two methods, either by using plugins or with the help of CSS.

For using these methods, you do not need to be pro in coding, as you do not need to add any code to the WordPress theme. It is one of the easiest ways and most preferred by the users.
How, you must be having a clear picture of what exactly is Parallax Effect, lets see how you can add this effect to your WordPress site.
At the same time, it’s a design element that can be a bit intimidating, as it looks quite advanced.

Parallax WordPress Plugins

Some of the WordPress plugins that will help you create a parallax effect:

1. Advanced WordPress Backgrounds Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

If you want to add parallax effect in your website, this plugin is the ultimate choice for you all.

2. Parallax WordPress Themes

If you are creating a new site (or are willing to make some changes to your existing site), a better option is to go for a theme that includes built-in parallax scrolling features. It will help you better integrate the parallax effect with the rest of the website design.

In today’s climate, it’s easy to find themes that offer this functionality. For example, check out our own Neve topic:

3. The Neve WordPress Theme

This is a lightweight yet highly customizable theme, which is compatible with all your favorite page builders. It also includes a wealth of demo content to choose from, and some will add their own version of parallax scrolling to their site right away.

After installing and activating the theme, you can head to Appearance> Neve Options to access the demo content:

The Neve theme options:

Click View demos, then hit Preview on each individual option to see it in action. For example, here is the smooth scrolling effect on the home page:

Selecting Import will add the demo and all its associated content and plugins to your site (including Elementor Page Builder). You can then open the home page and choose Edit with Elementor to start making your own adjustments:

Making edits on the Neve theme

By replacing the text and images, but leaving the layout intact, you can quickly create a custom page with a distinctive effect.

The same goes for some of Neve’s other demos, as well as many other WordPress themes. So feel free to experiment until you find a style and design that suits your site.

Final Thoughts

Now, you must be having an idea of what exactly is Parallax Effect and what are the effects of Parallax on a WordPress site. Parallax effect or scrolling makes your site more engaging and interactive.

One of the most optimal impacts of introducing this effect is that it acts as an awesome tool that boosts your engagement. If you also want to introduce the parallax effect in your website, hire WordPress developers from a top WordPress development company in India.