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What Does A Webflow Developer Do?

As a Webflow website developer, I come across different questions each day. However, the most common and obvious question I get is, “What do I do exactly for the Webflow website? Or, more specifically, what does a Webflow developer do?”

I understand that online presence is the key to success for any business in today’s digital age. So, I develop and design Webflow websites that work in favor of your business. From simple UI and UX development to building the website from scratch with Webfloe design templates, a Webflow designer and developer will do everything.

Also, Webflow developers will help you with CMS integration for content, embedding, and custom code development, if needed. Some Webflow developers will even help you with the initial SEO to boost your website traffic. So, let’s go deep into what you can expect from a Webflow website developer.

Understanding Webflow

In simple words, a Webflow developer will develop your website. However, it takes a lot of discussion, trials, and steps to develop and design a Webflow website. So, it is critical to understand what Webflow is to know the role of a Webflow developer.

Understanding Webflow
Webflow is a visual web development and basically no coding platform that allows website designer to create websites quickly. It has over 2000+ templates and a drag-and-drop feature, which developers use to build your custom website. However, some businesses might find a Webflow alternative more suited to their requirements due to different feature sets and flexibility.

Also, its live prototype helps developers show the live website to the clients without static mockups. Hence, clients get a complete idea of the website development and how it will look and work.

On top of it, Webflow allows you to create custom code if you need to. A web developer will do it to share your website’s unique look. Also, web developers will help you with the CMS platform of Webflow to create and manage content. Lastly, the developer will help you with speed optimization so that your Webflow website and landing page load faster, typically within 1-2 seconds.

What Does A Webflow Developer Do?

A Webflow developer performs multiple designing and developing tasks on behalf of. The key is to present you with a unique, fast-loading, visually appealing, and functional website for your business.

  • Designing and Building Websites

    Webflow developers primarily design and build websites using different templates available in the platform. So, developers work closely with clients or design teams to understand the main requirements of the website. Then, they will translate these requirements into functional websites.

    The development mainly involves:

    • Creating wireframes
    • Selecting appropriate templates
    • Customizing the design elements

    The developer will do all these to match the client’s brand identity. Thankfully, Webflow offers more than 2000 templates (Including free and paid ones) to build the website. Developers can drag and drop different features from the templates to create a unique website. This flexibility is comparable to Webflow alternatives, which may have fewer templates but provide unique advantages.

    Although Webflow doesn’t need coding to build and maintain websites, Webflow developers deeply understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Thus, they can confidently manipulate the design elements and create interactive features on the website.

    Henceforth, they ensure that your website is responsive. Also, their development phase ensures that the website is optimized for different devices for a seamless user experience. It’s also crucial for high ranking in SERP.

  • Work closely with Webflow designers

    In most cases, including me, a Webflow developer will design the basics of your website using the templates. However, many Webflow developers will only focus on the development segment. In such cases, they will collaborate with the design team to give a unique website look and feel.

    The collaboration of the Webflow designer and website developer will focus on the following things:

    • Accessibility of your website on desktop and smartphones
    • Check and test the color contrast of Webflow websites against WCAG requirements
    • Ensure the use of light and web-safe fonts
    • Inclusion of Alt text, CMS customization, etc.

    Webflow designers and developers work closely to build a responsive website with a clean UI that loads faster and looks better. Also, they ensure that the HTML embeds are dynamic and clean.

  • Show you live prototype

    When everything is ready, the Webflow website developer will give you a presentation on the live prototype of the website. Or else, they will provide you access to websites to independently see the design and development phases.

    It’s been made possible thanks to the visual layout of Webflow. So, unlike WordPress developers, Webflow developers don’t need to create tons of PDF files and Adobe designs to show you the website. Instead, they will send you the live prototype you use and see the results. It gives flexibility and saves the developer and clients time since both can see the live design.

  • Custom code development

    Webflow is primarily a no-code platform with a drag-and-drop feature to build websites. It takes care of your design templates to translate them into cleaner HTML and CSS coding on behalf of you. So, you can practically do away with no coding for Webflow websites.

    Custom code development
    Nonetheless, Webflow developers can help you with custom coding with their innate knowledge. Your products, websites, or interactions may require unique designs or features. A thoroughly professional Webflow developer will help you with it through custom coding.

  • CMS Management

    One of the best benefits of using Webflow is its simple CMS for content management. You can use it to manage texts, images, and videos. The developer will customize the CMS platform to match your needs for a quick maintenance and management experience later.

    Webflow developers rely on the REST API of Webflow to design, update, and delete content. It makes your website management straightforward. They will also do the following for your website:

    • Integrate Webflow CMS with other data sources, if required
    • Import your website content to Webflow from existing data
    • Create a unique and custom webhook for your Webflow website
    • If you have a mobile app, the Webflow developer will link it to your website, too
    • They help you with content exporting through JSON for easy integration
  • Integrating APIs and Third-Party Services

    Webflow developers also handle the integration of third-party services into your website. It allows you to ask the developer to integrate different APIs and third-party services to meet your business demand. It includes setting up third-party services such as payment gateways and analytics platforms.

    For this, a Webflow developer must have a good understanding of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Also, they should be able to connect these services with the website seamlessly. These days, Webflow has the following APIs for quick integration:

    • CMS API
    • Ecommerce API
    • Forms API
    • Assets API

    Developers will use these APIs to develop your website with maximum functionality. For instance, the assets API helps integrate files and website assets into the “Asset Manager” segment. When you hire a professional Webflow developer, they will do it for you.

    Also, third-party service integration enhances the website’s functionality with additional features for users.

  • Optimizing Website Performance

    Another crucial aspect of a Webflow developer’s role is optimizing the performance of the website. It’s vital since website performance and speed optimization directly contribute to ranking factors.
    Webflow developers, therefore, ensure that the website loads quickly has minimal downtime, and is search engine friendly. It primarily involves

    • Images optimizations
    • Minifying CSS and JavaScript files for a cleaner appearance
    • Using search-engine-friendly and device-specific fonts for different devices
    • Developers will delay the script loading and apply selective loading
    • Remove unnecessary styles, triggers, and interactions for faster loading

    Webflow developers also conduct regular audits to identify any performance bottlenecks and address them promptly. For this, they might use:

    • Pingdom
    • GTmetrix
    • WebPageTest
    • Google
    • Google Analytics
    • Speedtest.net

    Nonetheless, you can also use these platforms to test your website performance. A developer will help you with it if needed.

  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

    Once a website is built and launched, Webflow developers also provide ongoing maintenance and support. They might monitor the website for any issues or bugs on your behalf. When you hire a developer for your Webflow website maintenance, they will promptly resolve various issues.

    It ensures uninterrupted service. They keep the website up to date with the latest security patches and updates. Additionally, Webflow developers support clients or end-users. They address queries of the website owners to fix them. Also, you can get assistance in troubleshooting technical issues.


Webflow developer plays a crucial role in designing, building, and maintaining websites with excellent UI, design performance, and content management. They combine their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise to create visually appealing and functional websites that meet the client’s requirements.

So, you can get a completely functional, fast-loading, and responsive website within days from a Webflow developer. Their relentless focus on user-friendly website development, Webflow templates, CMS features, and embedded coding will boost your online presence like a rocket.