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Valentine Theme Update: Top 4 Love and relationship WordPress Themes

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A wedding is one of the most precious episodes in our lives, and most of us want to make it big. On this day we pledge to be with the person we love, and we vow to be together forever; it’s full of beautiful memories, pictures and some wonderful moments.

WordPress optimized hosting is mostly used by wedding organizers to create websites to make the day special for two human beings and also to showcase the skills they possess. Not only does it help in winning new customers, but it also acts the portfolio where the work speaks for itself.

In today’s world when we rely on the internet for everything, it is important to host a wedding portal. However, you can also conveniently create a wedding webpage to announce the big news to the world and share the wedding photographs. This page can be used to send the invitation and details of the wedding.

Some simple yet interactive themes from WordPress are:

  1. Wedding Bells

    This theme is created using HTML/CSS, for couples who want to build their wedding webpage. The responsive design can adapt to any device without any distortion. The theme has sections for the bride’s family and groom’s family, date, time, and venue specifications, and photographs. The basic features of this theme are:

    • Has 5 inbuilt templates. You can choose colors beyond these 5 themes by making a few simple changes in the CSS code.
    • The home page contains a responsive slider for introductory messages and pictures.
    • Very flexible layout.
    • Adaptable to any resolution and device (including mobile).
    • Uses normal fonts and thus can be accessed in any browser.
    • The photo gallery page can be customized.
    • You can post a live update on Twitter.
    • Forms can be used by viewers to feed data wherever required.
    • The HTML code is SEO friendly and thus helps in attracting more traffic.


  2. Photostat PRO

    Photostat PRO theme is a visually striking, fresh, contemporary, and creative theme which can be aptly used to showcasing your wedding photographs. It is designed to deliver a complete portfolio of professional photographers. They can conveniently and easily use this theme to showcase the photographs clicked in a wedding and showcase them to attract future clients. The basic features of this theme are:

    • Responsive design layout makes it convenient to be accessed from any device.
    • Many color themes to choose from.
    • Codes are very neatly written making it easy to understand.
    • Each and every aspect of the theme can be customized (colors, fonts, scroll bars, icons, logos, etc.).
    • Documentation is available in multiple languages; following which anyone can use the theme to create his own webpage.


  3. Pleasant Theme

    A pleasant theme is a modern age versatile theme which can be used not only by wedding planners, and photographers to showcase their skills sets, but can also be rightly used by businessmen and organizations as their business webpage. The basic features of this theme are:

    • It has several sections on the home including welcome section.
    • It has sections for blog posts, photographs, announcements, etc.
    • Being very lightweight, and responsive, it can easily load in any device without pixelating.
    • Being SEO friendly easy to be promoted and noticed.


  4. Glamour World

    This theme has an elegant and modern look and feel. It is very apposite for a wedding website and can be utilized in announcing everything surrounding love and relationship. Simply by following the documentation, you can make the desired customization. The basic features of this theme are:

    • Limitless Color themes.
    • Neat and SEO friendly coding.
    • Various header types and clean layout.
    • Responsive design.
    • More than one type of sidebar to choose from.


Once you have selected the theme and customized it to give it a unique look, the next vital step is to host it and promote it to increase traffic.

  • SEO is the key: Making your website SEO friendly is the first and foremost thing that you should focus on. Many web pages are being launched every day, so to feature at the top, your website needs to follow the SEO rules. Emphasize the keywords with minimal competition but high search demand and try to include them in the title, content, and most importantly the Meta description of the content. You must be knowing that image tags should always have ‘alt’ option with it to provide the description in case the image doesn’t open up. It is good to include the keywords in the alt tag also. Try to include lengthy keywords to gain more prominence.
  • Use social media to market your website: Until and unless promote your website, no one will get to know about it, and the best way to inform your customers is social media. Top social media podiums are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can launch contests here and share information to grab attention and to encourage viewers to visit your webpage.
  • Share links: Interlinking of websites helps in guiding your audience to your website. Do not link to a low-ranking website, in fact, embed links of well performing and related websites in your website. Also, try to gain the trust of the search engine by linking your webpage to trustworthy and authoritative websites. Encourage guest posts and positive feedbacks from clients you have already served.
  • Content is the king: While in photography images speak more than words, it is vital to add quality content to the website. Without informative and quality posts, your images will also not hold the same value as it ideally should. Though WordPress optimized hosting is pretty SEO friendly, if you can supplement it with content that grabs the attention of the readers, you will surely be successful in hosting your website.

The Internet is vast and a great way to reach out to the world with your abilities; it is a great podium to share your precious moments and to stay connected in spite of geographic barriers.

While creating and hosting a webpage might not be a herculean task, reaching it out to the maximum number of audiences is at time challenging, so be slow and steady, and you will surely be able to achieve your goals.