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Useful Tips to Choose a Graceful WordPress Theme for Your Website

For all WordPress users, it’s essential to choose a suitable theme that can highlight the message of the developer. This plays an important role in attracting more visitors to your site, thereby widely spreading your brand and boosting sales.

However, many people are still wondering how to make the right decision among thousands of WordPress theme vendors. This article will introduce some basic rules you should consider before taking a WordPress theme.

  1. Purpose of Your Website

    This factor comes at the first line to consider. Your clear purpose will help you remove a large number of WordPress themes that are not suitable for the website. For example:

    • If you want to create a blog: Let’s choose themes with highlighted headlines and obvious slide bars. On that basis, people can quickly find the article they need.
    • If you are making a commercial website: Ecommerce-related interfaces with WooCommerce will be the best choice for you.
    • If your website posts diverse content: You should pick the Magazine themes.
  2. Responsive Layout

    A theme with responsive design has the ability to change the layout according to the screen size and visitors’ devices.

    More than 60% of people access Google with a mobile device. As a result, Google will prioritize mobile-friendly websites in its search listings.

    In other words, themes that supportperfectly display on handheld devices such as tablets and cell phones will have a higher SEO value than mobile-unfriendly themes.

    Luckily, now all WordPress themes are compatible with different gadgets. You can also easily check whether the theme is responsive or not in two ways:

    • The easiest way is to change the size of the browser window. If the theme is responsive, the theme’s layout will be adjusted to fit the browser size.
    • The other way is to use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool.

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  3. Update Regularly

    WordPress is an open source and you never know what security threats are hidden behind it. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your WordPress version, Themes, Plugins up to date.

    You should give priority to themes that are regularly updated because it indicates that the theme is always in improvements and good resistance to threats from the Internet.

  4. SEO-friendly

    Everyone wants their website to rank high and reach leads. People often spend more on writing, promoting, marketing, optimizing source code, and so on.

    However, a simple SEO improvement technique is advancing the SEO ability of the theme. Instead of searching in remote places, you should take the time to learn about the theme’s SEO capability.

  5. Minimalism

    Commonly, WordPress themes with complex layouts and animation can appeal to you when you first see the demo. Nevertheless, do they really give you value?

    Such themes often have too many functions that you may never use. Moreover, too complicated layouts can make visitors feel confused in finding the information they need.

    A recent trend is the use of minimal WordPress themes, which makes the site more professional and succinct. Research has shown that professional minimalist designs will attract a greater number of visits.

  6. Plugin Installation

    Although it rarely happens, make sure that the theme you intend to install supports popular plugins today. If you have problems installing the plugin, seek support from your theme provider.

  7. Quick Support

    Speaking of support, this is the downside of free WordPress themes. With WordPress theme, support is very important if you do not have much experience with WordPress.

    It’s highly recommended to use a paid theme. Charged themes now often have one-year support. If you want lifelong support, you often have to use the most advanced packages.

  8. Read Review and Rating of WordPress Themes

    This factor allows you to have an objective view of the theme you are going to use. If you use a free WordPress theme, there’s a rating below the download button.

    For paid themes, you have to see reviews from the third page.
    In general, nothing is perfect at all. But if themes have many bad reviews, you should consider carefully.

Final Thoughts

In summary, choosing a satisfying WordPress theme for your website seems a tricky task. It’s not easy to seek a theme that can highlight your purpose and send the clearest messages to viewers.

This article has shared with you some pocket tips to bear in mind when picking a theme. Besides, don’t forget to seek discounts on prestige platforms for your optimal purchasing experience.