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Top Tips for Managing Multiple Websites for Multiple Clients

Managing Multiple Websites
If you are one of the business owners who provide web hosting services, then there is a chance that this article will be of some help to you.

Managing sites can be tricky at times. Take me for an example, I am an entrepreneur who provides best web hosting services to different kinds of sites.

These websites include the sites that I have personally made for my clients from scratch and client sites as well, which were premade. You can clearly see that the two sites are totally different. Still, I manage them effortlessly.

Do you want to learn how was I able to do so? Well, stick with this post don’t move an inch. I will share some of my tips to manage multiple websites for multiple clients. Some of these tricks I have learned the hard way. And don’t want you all to face the same hardship.

Let’s see what I am going to discuss and focus on explaining to you in this post.

  • Knowing what Don’t Repeat Yourself principle
  • Ensuring the client’s welfare
  • Communication between you and the clients
  • Finding the most efficient ways possible

So, shall we start?

Efficient coding with the framework themes

It is a very good idea to personalize every theme for your clients. But it can be very tiring sometimes, coding a new theme from scratch and then developing the website. However, there is a trick that can make you more efficient and the result will be the same.

If you are a programmer, then you must have noticed that most of the coding has similar syntax and code. You can use that similar code to just copy and paste while developing the new theme. This will surely increase the efficiency of your work.

As you progress with your projects you will be able to build a structured theme. This theme will be able to help you out with the new theme development.

The structured theme is the most basic theme configuration code. And with just a few tuning you will be able to create a new theme altogether.

Here has a look, how my most common structured theme framework looks like.

  • Style for the layout that is most suitable as per clients’ requirements.
  • My frame contains object-oriented CCS that help to build elements easily.
  • I use the action hooks, to insert needed widgets.
  • And finally, filter out all the unnecessary stuff.

By following the above framework, gives me a minimalistic theme that is highly flexible and can be used as a parent theme to create any kind theme.

WordPress multi-site: The best tool to manage multiple sites

Yes, it is true that making a theme framework for your theme development makes your word efficient. But if you want to take your work a step even further, WordPress multi-theme will help you with that.

With the WordPress multi-site, you just need to install your framework theme on your WordPress and once done, you will easily be able to implement daughter theme on multiple WordPress sites.

The best of this tool is that you do not have the worry about creating a new theme from scratch for the clients. You just have to create the daughter theme from the parent framework theme.

The process is very easy, as most of the site has similar plugins. Hence, the development of the daughter theme for the client becomes much easier.

However, let me warn you, the updates should be made individually for each site. Every plugin needs to be updated individually. This is the reason why, I jeep of every website of my client so that I can update each site’s plugin accordingly.

How to choose the best plugin?

Whether you using a framework theme or a WordPress multi-site, you first need to find the best plugin that suits the site you are created. Without that, your site will be incomplete.

Finding the best plugin for the site is the first thing you should do before starts developing the website’s theme.

These plugins play an important role to make your website you want to be. Some of these come with individual functionality, where on the other hand some of them are common for every site.

When I first started to create the client’s site, I used to have a list of plugins that I used to install on every client’s website. At first, it was a smooth process, but soon that becomes a nightmare for me.

With every update, I had to make sure to run every individual site for the updates. Really that process is really tiring.

But after using WordPress multi-site my job become much easier. Even if you do not have this tool, you can point out the core plugins that are required for the site.

And when updates come you can check only those plugins for the updates. This will definitely make your work easier.

Types of plugin that you need to install in every client’s website

It is very easy to install the plugins if you know what plugin will be best for the sites. This not only reduce development time, but also makes your work more efficient.

Here are some of the plugins that you may consider while developing your client’s website.

  • You need to have a security plugin, to safeguard all the online data.
  • A plugin to backup all your website data.
  • Do not forget to have an SEO plugin. The SEO plugin help you to optimize your content as per SEO guidelines.
  • A plugin for the performance booster.
  • You also need to have a plugin that connects your site with all the social media platforms.
  • Finally, you need to have a plugin that compresses as well as enhances all the images on the websites.

Use the Support system to engage with your clients

The best way to boost your business is to have a great relationship with your customers and clients. The communication between you and your client will not only improve your site creation but it will help you to manage your client sites efficiently.

Let’s have look at the ways you can handle your support system.

  • The first method is the direct contact between you and your client. You can use phone calls, or any social media to contact them. It is best to use any messaging app to contact with your clients, as you will have the chat history.
  • You can use the email. It is the most common method used by businesses to contact with their customer.

Creating websites and hosting them is not a new profession in the market. But only a few can achieve what they meant to achieve. You can be one of them.

It is just that you have to better from your competitors. And how can you become better? The answer to that is being efficient with your work.

Be efficient, provide good quality work, and make your client happy. By doing so you will surely reach the height you wish for.

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