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Top Ten WordPress Theme Frameworks for Your Website

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source platforms for developing enterprise websites. The major reason for its growing popularity is it offers a lot of options when it comes to integrating themes and plugins.

The WordPress development company can use the necessary plugins to get the desired functionality and add features to the website. In this blog, we are going to highlight the top ten best open-source theme frameworks.

These theme frameworks enable developers to focus more on design than code. These frameworks can save the developer’s time and effort because they are ready with the coding work.

Simply put, these theme frameworks simplify the web development process. Also, support communities for these popular frameworks can help you resolve the issues and come up with a high-quality theme.

The following list will include top ten theme frameworks for WordPress website. As a developer, you can choose the one that can best fit your project requirements.

Let’s go through these frameworks.

  1. Cherry

    The cherry framework is developed by TemplateMonster. It is powered by Bootstrap and web developers have appreciated its functionality in the short time of release. The latest version of this framework Cherry 4.0 can enable the developers to switch off all unnecessary options. It removes all unnecessary aspects that can distract the developer’s attention while working on the web project.

    Key Features: Independent Module Structure, Shortcode Template Editor, Multiple Shortcode Variations, CSS Minfier, Multiple Plugins, and Static Area Builder

  2. Hybrid Core

    Created by ThemeHybrid, this easy-to-use framework enables developers to build themes for websites with complex functionality. It eliminates the need for extensive coding. Hybrid Core is compatible with Schema standards and facilitates developers to come up with SEO-friendly websites. It has the following major features.

    Key Features: Media Grabber, Post Templates, Breadcrumbs Script, Numbered Pagination, Cleaner Gallery, and Translation-Friendliness

  3. Wonderflux

    This is a robust framework to develop sophisticated and responsive themes for WordPress websites. The WordPress development company uses this framework to create simple yet elegant themes.

    The framework also enables the developers to customize the layout and specifications of themes. Here are some of the major features of the Wonderflux framework.

    Key Features: Flexible Layout Options, Responsive CSS Layout, High Compatibility with WordPress plugins, Simple Admin Options, and Valid Markup

  4. Gantry

    RocketTheme developers have built this framework. It is aimed to merging multiple functionalities into a single framework. This lightweight framework is based on a responsive grid system and supports SCSS, LESS, and CSS. The latest version of this framework is Gantry 5.

    Apart from YAML- based configuration, mega menu support, and powerful inheritance capabilities, this framework possesses the following major features.

    Key Features: Visual Menu Editor, Particle System, Mega Menu, Administrative Interface, Twig Off-canvas Panel, Templating System, and Layout Manager

  5. Unyson

    ThemeFuse has developed the Unyson framework with rich functionality. The good thing is this framework can be used with web developers and end-users alike. It facilitates the editing of the frontend by providing many customization options. What’s more, a Live Preview option enables the developers to check all the changes in real-time. Unyson is equipped with multiple modules for events, portfolios, reviews, and SEO. Here are other useful features of Unyson.

    Key Features: Sidebar Module, Automatic Backup, Easy-to-implement Sliders, Content Demo Install, and Breadcrumbs Extension

  6. PressWork

    When it comes to creating well-commented and complex themes for corporate websites, PressWork is a preferable choice. It facilitates web developers to come up with unique themes without spending much time in coding. PressWork offers an ideal solution for all users including developers, web designers, business persons, and publishers. Here are some of its excellent and useful features.

    Key Features: PSD File, Life-time Support, Front-end Editor, BriefCase, and Media Queries

  7. Reverie

    ThemeFortress has developed this versatile framework for creating elegant WordPress themes for blogs, brochures, or CMSs. These themes are so flexible and expressive that you can use them either as a starter or a parent for your corporate website. However, Reverie is just partially SEO-optimized, so you need to use a separate plugin for making the website SEO-friendly. Here are the key features of Reverie.

    Key Features: HTML5 and hNews Microformat-based framework, media queries, 2 widget areas and 2 custom menus, supports Scss and customary CSS

  8. Vafpress

    This is an easy-to-use framework suitable for beginners. WordPress web developers can build responsive, scalable, and attractive themes easily by using this framework. It provides a range of tools to help developers create the backend of a WordPress theme in a short time.

    WordPress users can also utilize this tool to create and customize the theme of their website even if they have no technical knowledge. Here are the key features of Vafpress.

    Key Features: Theme Options Builder, Metabox Builder, Multiple Fields, Script Load Management

  9. Underscores

    Some WordPress developers consider Underscores as a starter theme. It boosts web development efforts with excellent tools. It has a well-organized CSS for streamlining the process of theme building. Here are some key features of Underscores.

    Key Features: Pre-defined 404 template, Toggled Dropdown, Custom Template Tags, Sample Custom Header, and CSS Layouts.

  10. Beans

    It is a freely available framework to develop elegant themes. It is a flexible framework with some handy features and functionality. Its showcase section has some excellent examples of different websites that you can create by using this framework. Also, you can get many free items on the Beans website to make the website more user-friendly. Here are the key features of this wonderful platform.

    Key Features: Search engine-friendly structure, fast-loading code, easy online documentation, responsive design

Practicalities of WordPress Theme Frameworks

The WordPress web development company can integrate the framework into the theme and provides a single package. Standalone frameworks can be used to develop unique WordPress themes. Both entrepreneurs and web developers can use such frameworks.

Here we have mentioned top open-source WordPress theme frameworks. Depending on the project requirements, you can also select premium frameworks. But, it is better to consult a WordPress web development company to know the right framework and theme for your business website. Alternatively, you can hire web developers to build a feature-rich website.

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