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Top Plugins To Convert A WordPress site to a Mobile App

WordPress website to mobile aap
There is no doubt in the fact that apps are gaining ground in the digital world over the websites. The mobile app takes you closer to your prospective customers. According to Statista, the app downloads are expected to touch 258.2 billion by 2022 which is about 34 times the population of the whole world. That is a huge number.

Mobile app development is the trending phenomenon in the present digital world. If you desire to develop a Appium mobile testing but do not possess the required supports, do not panic. The technology has outgrown the limitations. Now, you can convert your website into a mobile app with the help of ‘plugins.’ They are free and comes with many features to help you develop the app of your concepts.

Here we discuss the top six plugins which allow you to convert your Wordpress website into a mobile application through simple and hassle-free steps. Take a look and create an app for your business from the website. Also, it doesn’t break your bank.


AppPresser converts your Wordpress website into a mobile app through integration. It was at one point called the “Reactor.” You can customize every look and feel of your app as you desire. AppPresser allows you to alter the side or tab menu, add a custom CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and even facilitates extension compatibility which will make the facebook login and google map integration possible in your app. Some of the features AppPresser provide to its users are:

  • Full-Colour customization
  • Live App Preview
  • Side or Tab Menu
  • Settings Customization


Mobiloud integrates your Wordpress website with the mobile application. Any changes made on the website will be automatically reflected on the app as well. Even though the service is not free, it is affordable and worthy. They offer two services: one is for news or blog sites and another one for the regular websites. Another added benefit of MobiLoud is that they provide advertising and analytics solutions along with the push notification services. You can alert your users or visitors when a new content is live through notifications.


Wapppress allows you to convert your website into app through simple steps. It directly takes your website and puts it into app design. Much customization and features may not be available as it is an economical plugin for the non profit or blog sites. Once the app is ready, simply publish it in the app stores for the public to download and use. Some of the features which make Wappress attractive are:

  • Instant conversion from Wordpress site to Android App in very few steps.
  • Coding skills are not mandatory.
  • Splash Screen and Customized launcher icon that matches your style and branding can be created and uploaded easily.
  • Different themes on website and app possible.
  • Push Notifications enabled.


Frontity, previously known as Worona, converts your mobile website into a mobile application for better experience and comfort. This plugin offers a loading speed of less than one second and this will benefit you in the SEO. It also combines the PWA technologies with Google AMP. Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project which promises higher performance and engagement for your website along with flexibility and results. Some of the features which makes frontity user-friendly are:

  • Smooth Navigation
  • Quick and Easy setup
  • Push Notifications
  • Integrations


Blappsta help you convert your Wordpress blog into an app. If you have a blog and you wish to improve the look and feel of the site, go for Blappsta. The plugin will convert your website into a user-friendly and easy to navigate the blog. The plugin is free to use and easy to install. A preview of your app is also available so that you can ensure the final product matches your expectations. Some of the features of Blappsta are:

  • Branding
  • Social sharing
  • Push Messaging
  • Caching
  • App Indexing
  • Usability


Web2app will allow you to convert your Wordpress site into a native mobile app. It is a free plugin with unlimited push messaging and free submission to the Google play store. You can convert your website into both Android and iOS apps with 4 easy steps.

  • Configure and customize the template
  • Generate and download the custom template.
  • Import the template into the Android studio.
  • Run

Support from Google Analytics can be made use to track the performance of your app. With these features, your app will perform the best and provide additional visibility to your business. It will also create a brand image and credibility.


WiziApp is yet another plugin which facilitates the conversion of your Wordpress website into Android and iOS application. Push notifications are unlimited, and the app will be available on the google playstore with a visibility of 1.5 GB customers. Monetization of the app is possible with Google Admob services. Admob will provide high-performing ad formats, actionable analytics, and automated tools. Some of the outstanding features of wiziApp are:

  • Optimal User engagement
  • Choices of Mobile themes
  • Full App Customization
  • Fully integrated Google Analytics
  • One on One Customer Support

The plugin is not free of cost. They provide quality service under reasonable price. A money back guarantee of 30 days is also introduced.

With these plugins, converting your website into an app is made faster and easier. Some of them might be paid, while some others extend their services absolutely free. Choose the best plugin for your mobile app development and invest in building your digital personality in a classy way.

The world is addicted to the internet and apps are the addiction for most of the addicts. So take advantage of the fact and get accentuated visibility for your business in the overcrowded, ever-evolving digital realm. The technology not only grow, but it also provides you aids to grow with it. The time will never wait for you to take the decision. It moves forward, and you might get pushed back. So never turn your face against the opportunities. Grab them and grow gradually.

Author Bio:

Premjith leads the Digital Marketing team at Aufait Technologies, a top notch SharePoint development company in India. With his 4 valuable years of experience in online marketing, he helps clients expand their online presence and mushroom novel business ideas.