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Top Lead Generation WordPress Plugins 2023 You should have!

Lead Generation WordPress Plugins
Do you know that more than 70% of your visitors who leave your site will never visit it again? If you check the web analytics, you will find that this stat is right.

But, if your figures look like this, then it is important that you convert your visitors to leads. But, lead generation is quite challenging.

If your site isn’t generating enough leads, then you do not have the right blend of lead generating tools. Here are the top lead generation WordPress plugins that you should definitely have:

1. Newsletter Signup

  • WP Forms Pro: It is a WordPress plugin from OptinMonster. It comprises of ready-made templates which can be personalized to suit your requirements. The drag and drop feature is simple to use. You can integrate the form with other email marketing facilities or collect finances for orders and bookings. WP Forms Pro makes use of smart honeypot technology to avoid spams.
  • MailChimp: MailChimp’s sturdy marketing automatic techniques ensure your emails reach the right person at the right time. It provides enhanced reporting functions which helps in monitoring sales. You can refine, optimize and learn your mails and ad campaigns for the efficient growth of your business.
  • OptinMonster: It is not just a WordPress plugin, but a full-fledged web based application. It allows you to handle all the things from dashboard. It has several opt-in forms like Lightbox Popup, Sidebar Widgets as well as Full screen Welcome Gate. It observes user behavior and suggests a targeted ad campaign when they leave a web page.

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2. Track Traffic

  • LeadBoxer: One of the best choices for WordPress plugins to collect lead is LeadBoxer. It collects info and understands the people visiting your site. With LeadBoxer, you can witness name of the business who view your site, product and services. The plugin allows you to understand what traffic is visiting your site. It collects lead in an amazingly efficient manner.
  • SumoMe: SumoMe is a popular WordPress plugin. It is more than a simple lead capturing tool. It allows you to develop your site traffic. More than 300,000 sites are presently using this plugin.
  • Leadin: Hubspot designed a free lead generation resolution to make it simple to find out who is visiting your site and provide you details about everyone who fills the form on your website. It has been made for entrepreneurs, small bloggers and small businessmen.

    The main specs of this Plugin are- lead generation forms, contact handling and marketing analytics. It complements LeadBoxer. With both the plugins installed, you will surely transform your site to a lead collecting device.

3. CTA

  • WordPress Call to Action: An amazing plugin for including call to action button on your site or blog. This plugin permits you to add call to action button at different places. It also offers you the capability to A/B test templates, text etc. to enhance your conversion rates. It is perfect for people who want blog readers to commence with free product trials and then download an eBook.
  • WP Notification Bar: A customized notification plugin for WordPress which showcases a slim message bar on your site. It helps you to enhance your email list, which you can build from websites like Aeroleads, handle marketing promotions, enhance your social network following and increase traffic for particular pages on your website. It has 14 pre-designed color schemes. You can also edit the colors. You have several notification bars like Subscribe box, Text and Link, Search Form, Post Content etc.

4. Your First Experiment:

  • Title Experiments: In order to lead capture to work, you require a top value prospects for your site. Title Experiments allows you to easily test the primary line of lead generation problem: the headline. So, every time you write a new blog post, write two or three different headlines and plug them to “Title Experiments” before publishing.
  • Formstack plugin: You don’t have to just concentrate on traffic. Visits are of no good till they convert to paying clients. You require lead capture forms. Formstack provides much WordPress form builders and allows you to A/B test the different variants of a form to find out which one will capture more leads. Formstack captures info and renders in-depth analysis so you can optimize the lead capturing exertions.
  • Simply Schedule Appointments Plugin: Simply Schedule Appointments is a powerful tool designed to help bring in new leads through its booking form functionality. It allows businesses to create custom customer fields, track bookings, and sync with Google Calendar. With its easy-to-use features, businesses can quickly create an online booking form to capture potential customers’ information and help them schedule appointments. Additionally, the plugin’s Webhooks integration with Zapier or the WP Fusion plugin allows businesses to sync their customer data for more efficient lead management.
  • Yoast SEO: A large number of users rely on it to earn and grade keywords as they are listed on WordPress landing pages and posts. Configure the social settings in Yoast SEO to get access on how our blog shall appear when shared on social platforms.

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You have so many ways to generate leads on your site. All the above mentioned plugins will perform excellently and convert your visitors to customers. It is up to you to decide which lead generation plugin you require for your WordPress website.