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Top 5 WordPress Themes for Family Websites

Family WordPress Themes
With the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, family albums have become something of antiquity.

Most families post photos of their loved ones on social media without relying on long-term safekeeping or organization of their family albums. However, maintaining a personal website through WordPress has also become very easy and straightforward.

This opens new doors even for less-than-tech-savvy families to create their representative photo albums online, write about their daily activities and share updates with friends and loved ones.

Choosing the right theme or template for your family website is another matter, however. Let’s take a look at several exemplary WordPress themes which can be used to showcase your family on the internet in the best possible light.

Before we get started, however, it’s important to note that WordPress themes usually pack very artistic titles which are not necessarily representative of what category they should be used in.

This means that a “Fitness Groove” theme can and should be used for websites that aren’t strictly focused on fitness or gym content. With that in mind, let’s jump right in and see which themes you should check out.

  1. Personal PRO

    Themes which are particularly suitable for family-related content feature extensive spaces specifically designed for photographs and galleries.

    One such example comes in the form of Personal PRO, a theme which is visually appealing and offers numerous customization options for you to play with.

    The theme is optimized for quick load times and is SEO friendly, meaning that it will rank well with Google searches. In practice, this will allow your friends and relatives to discover your site more easily with a few simple clicks.

    Personal PRO comes packed with social media integration which is an amazing feature considering the nature of the website you are about to create.

    Posting photos and written content about your family and then sharing it through Facebook or other platforms is simple and straightforward.

    Depending on how far-reaching you want your website to be, you can easily retrofit your UI, navigation and content into other languages due to the multilingual nature of this WordPress theme.

    While not entirely free, Personal PRO offers numerous benefits and custom options for you to tinker with for a one-time payment.

  2. Wedding Bells

    While the primary focus of this WordPress theme lies in wedding albums, it can very easily be used as a front for your family’s online activities.

    The reason for this can be found if you check out the demo of the theme itself and notice the numerous pre-designed spaces ready for photography integration.

    The theme comes equipped with a rudimentary timeline tool, allowing you to create a timeline of events which your family participated in over the years.

    When it comes to the technical aspects of the theme, it supports over 600 different fonts and offers extensive visual customization options in terms of color palettes used.

    Wedding Bells sports appealing image sliders and is compatible with drag-and-drop page builder plugins which means that it can be very easy to modify.

    This theme is responsive, meaning that it will show up on your smartphone devices and tablets just as it would on the desktop screen.

    As a bonus, Wedding Bells also offers specialized blog sections and Light Box photo gallery features, meaning that all of your family needs would be covered in a single WordPress theme from now on.

  3. Wide Range

    If you want a full-screen website which you can fill up with representative family photos and albums, look no further than Wide Range.

    The theme is specifically designed to be light and easy to load, meaning that none of your visitors will have a tough time loading the website.

    It offers a very basic and clean user interface which is perfect for less tech-savvy and elderly members of your family.

    Wide Range was created by abiding by the standards of the WordPress codex, meaning that it offers all the customization, plugin and widget options you would expect from a professional theme.

    It’s easy to control as an administrator and a joy to browse through as a visitor since every interactive element is in the sidebar which can also be customized.

    If you want even better ranking through Google and other popular search engines, Wide Range offers Yoast SEO compatibility which will provide you with arguably the best SEO optimization you could afford.

    This theme also comes with a one-time payment attached to it, but it is a small price to pay for the longevity of your family’s website.

  4. Photostat

    Depending on the size of your family and whether or not you want to publish extended relatives’ content on your site, you might want to consider Photostat as your option.

    The theme is fully optimized to support as much content as you can throw at it, meaning that it was designed with endless photo galleries in mind.

    The theme also supports e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, allowing you to share and sell products with your family’s name on it (if it comes to that).

    Photostat is very user-friendly and elegantly designed, with clearly marked UI elements and straightforward navigation.

    It offers a fully responsive code (great for different devices), SEO friendly elements as well as the latest and most up-to-date WordPress compatibility.

    This means that you can add plugins and widgets from the official WordPress website into your family site without any effort. It is very easy to manage and update with new content which is something you will do often given the nature of your website.

    For a one-time payment, Photostat can provide you and your family with a remarkable and noteworthy website which people will enjoy browsing.


  5. Organizing PRO

    Lastly, a single-page design theme might be a great fit for your family website. Single-page WordPress themes are exactly what they sound like. They offer continuous scrolling downward, with numerous categories and sections available for modification.

    It can be a great way for you to introduce your family to the world and then allow the visitors to visit separate blog sections or galleries (if you choose to add them).

    This is a very versatile and powerful theme with an expansive list of features which guarantee that your website won’t stagnate over time.

    It is very minimalistic in its visual aesthetic, with smooth image animations and transitions which will allow your family albums and content to shine for the world to see.

    Everything you expect from a WordPress theme is present in Organizing PRO, including SEO ready elements, translation capabilities, plugin optimization and e-commerce features to name a few.

    If you want to make sure that you never have to switch themes down the line, Organizing PRO might be the perfect choice for your WordPress website.

In Summation

Before choosing the optimal theme for your family website, it’s good practice to talk to your family members and relatives about what they would like to see on the site. Some specific features might require specific themes, inclusion of which might be impossible later on.

Put everything you expect from your website on a piece of paper and go through the presented themes one by one. Before you know it, you will find the perfect candidate to power your family website for the foreseeable future.

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