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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Plugins for WordPress

Cryptocurrency Plugins for WordPress

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the cryptocurrency and its prospects in the future. Thus, it is essential to understand the same in order to visualize an accurate status in the future.

Sometimes it is also termed as a side product of the digital cash and has proved to be a revolutionary invention. It is basically an electronic currency that is decentralized, and virtual.

It is produced with the help of the application of cryptography that is the computerized encoding and decoding of information. It is abase, upon which the debit cards, credits cards, e-commerce, and computerized banking have become possible.

What is the Functionality of the Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is not supported by banks and government but is a highly complex arrangement of the algorithm. The intricacy and security from the hackers lend a monetary value to the cryptocurrency.

It is in contrast to the flat money that is a legal tender and runs as per the rules decided by the government and has values set by the international standards.

Apart from these features, another attribute that makes cryptocurrency highly preferable is the finite value associated with it.

Unlike the limitless flat money, the cryptocurrency has 21,000,000 of extremely complex algorithms that contribute to stability. However, these algorithms can be altered by printing more values in a similar manner the government prints more money.

It is a simple way to transacting the purchase, sell, and investment, which completely avoids both the banking and government oversight that minutely tracks the movement of the money.

The economy that is unstable, cryptocurrency can bring a considerable amount of stability in it.

Importance of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency offers a great deal of anonymity that helps a silent transaction but also open a wide range of scopes for the criminal activities.

The same can happen with the flat money but cryptocurrency can’t be tracked by the government, taking care of the privacy.

There are various forms of cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, and Wordcoin. Bitcoin was the first and standard form pattern that is being followed by the other forms.

All the forms are produced with the help of specific alpha-numeric computation that is derived from the complex coding tools.

Origin of Cryptocurrency

In contrast to digging gold with the help of mining from the ground, cryptocurrency is nothing but an entry in the virtual ledger that is stored on various computers across the globe.

These entries are mined with mathematical algorithms. With passing time, the cryptocurrencies become scarcer with the decrease in the amount of the rewards that are being offered to the miners who are responsible for the production an of exact pattern of the cryptographic algorithm.

In addition to this, the complexity of the algorithm also hikes, making it difficult to recreate the matching series.

It considerably decreases the speed of creation of the cryptocurrencies, which offers difficulty and scarcity similar to that of mining gold.

Cryptocurrency Plugins

With the rise in the value of the Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has also grabbed a lot of attention. Currently, the value of Bitcoin is about $15,000. Bitcoin is volatile and depletes the client’s interest.

However, cryptocurrency offers a cost-effective prospect that is highly alluring to both the consumers and merchants.

In the case of the WordPress merchants, numerous Plugins are accessible that make sure to include the attributes of cryptocurrency to the websites. Let us go through the top 5 cryptocurrency plugins for WordPress:


It is a digitized currencyplug-in for the WooCommerce, which helps the customers adapt the Dash, BackCoin, DogeCoin, BitCoin, and LiteCoin easily.

The main plugin utilizes the wallet service and free Block.io API. It can easily convert the shopping carts and product prices to the digital currency along with the original exchange rate updates.

WP BitCoin Wallet

The WP BitCoin wallet is the secured cryptocurrency wallet. It allows the transaction of the BitCoins to the blog at any given point of tine and can be accessed from anywhere.

The BitCoin wallet in the dashboard can easily receive and send digital cash or one can even access it to view the balance.

BitCoin Calculator

BitCoin calculatorplug-in allows the user to create a personalized ticker website andBitCoin calculator that supports 32 currencies that has the capability to change the website color scheme and default currency.

All Currencies for WooCommerce

This plugin is compatible with multiple sites and also extends the arena of WooCommerce plugin by including cryptocurrency and world currencies. 28 cryptocurrencies and over 100 languages to be precise.

BitCoin Rates

The PHP script enables to create a calculator website and BitCoin ticker along with a backend API, which contributes to buildingvarious mobile apps.

It is evident from the aforementioned points and plugins that the cryptocurrencies are the most happening digital currency of the future and has tremendous scopes of making the world a better and easier place to dwell.

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