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Top 3 Multilingual Website Builders for Global Reach

A multilanguage website built using multilingual website builder does not just aid the business in reaching a much larger and diversified audience segment, but it also offers a more personalized experience to visitors, which in turn aid in building stronger bonds that eventually translates into sustainable competitive advantage for businesses.

However, with so many multilingual website builders available, it can become overwhelming to select the best one.

Don’t Worry!

In this blog, we will highlight the top 3 multilingual website builders, along with their key features to help you select the best one for your website.

Before we dive into details, here’s an overview of what is a multilingual website, and why should you use a multilingual website builder to translate your website’s content.

What is a Multilingual Website?

A multilingual website displays content in multiple languages. In theory, it may include translations of all content, including audio-visual content, icons, or any other multimedia in relevant languages. But in reality, only limited and important content is displayed in different translations, essentially forgoing the rest.

Why Should You Use a Multilingual Website Builder?

Because of the globalization of technology, reaching a global audience has become crucial.

Wondering why should a multilingual website builder be part of your digital strategy?

  • It Expands Your Market Reach

    Translating your website into other languages helps you reach an international audience efficiently. Imagine having your products and services used by billions of people who prefer detailed descriptions in their native languages. The solution is a multilingual website development platform. This helps businesses or companies to reach potential customers on a global scale.

    Speaking the language of your audience makes them feel special, and therefore, they tend to value you as well. This will help you increase sales as well. You can get one up on an opposition business by integrating these tools.

  • It Enhances the user experience

    Getting the user experience right, is key. Using the language that your visitors understand tends to get better conversions. It results in higher engagement and conversions. This is where a multilingual website builder can be the solution. It makes your website compatible with a multi-language user interface. That is what drives users to come back time and again.

  • It Improves SEO & Organic Reach

    Search engines favor content that meets a myriad of linguistic needs. Your SEO would receive a boost from utilizing keywords in several languages on the multilingual website. This practice would multiply your reach on international search engines.

  • It Builds Trust & Credibility

    Trust is the most important thing in this case. Not having a few languages on your website means you don’t appreciate or respect your international customers. Seeing your website available in their language implies professionalism and a commitment to serving every region’s customer.

    Key Features to Look for in a Multilingual Website Builder
    Selecting the appropriate multilingual website builder is imperative for creating a smooth global footprint on the internet.

Points To Consider While Choosing a Multilingual Website Builder

Here is what you should consider while choosing a multilingual website builder:

  • Leave no Stone Unturned-Support for Every Language

    Any good multilingual website builder should be able to accommodate many languages without crashing and burning your chances. Choose a platform that offers language templates and right-to-left (RTL) compatibility out of the box. This will make content viewable as intended, regardless of which language it’s in.

  • Auto Translate & Manual Edit

    Unfortunately, automatic translation features do not always pick up language nuances. The top builders combine automatic translation with manual editing capabilities so you can tweak automated translations and be sure the cultural context syncs right.

  • The SEO-Friendly Features

    Optimization for global search engines is a must for developers of multilingual websites. Select a builder that offers features like customizable URLs, meta tags, and hreflang tags, among others, that are SEO-friendly.

  • The User-Friendly Interface

    A good multilingual website platform should have an intuitive interface. This enables simple content management and updating across languages by developers. Look for drag-and-drop editors, visual content management, and clear navigation to ease the process of building the website.

  • Integration Capabilities

    Integration with other tools and platforms should be possible. Choose a multilingual website builder with support for popular translation services, analytics tools, and marketing platforms. This integration capability will improve your website’s functionality and monitor its performance in various regions.

  • Responsive Design

    Confirm if the multilingual site builder you want can create sites that look good on all devices and function properly. A responsive design ensures that the user experience does not change, whether they are accessing it from a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device.

Top 3 Multilingual Website Builders for Global Reach

Extending your reach to global audiences can only be achieved by selecting the right multilingual platform.

These are the top three multilingual website builders that can help you establish a seamless international presence.

1. Wix Multilingual Website Builder

Wix is distinguished for being a versatile multilingual platform with powerful features. Wix website builder is designed specifically for businesses targeting a global audience. With its multilingual website builder, it becomes easier to create and manage a site in several languages.

Key Features:

  • Easy Language Management: Wix multilingual does not give you problems when you want your site to accommodate several languages. An intuitive interface makes different language versions easy to manage and switch between.
  • Automatic Translation: Multilingual website developers often recommend Wix multilingual website developer due to its in-built automatic translation, which can be manually adjusted to ensure precision and cultural relevance.
  • SEO Optimization: By customizing meta tags and URLs and implementing hreflang tags that notify search engines of language variations, Wix allows you to make your multilingual site more searchable.
  • User Experience: The drag-and-drop editor feature and customizable templates guarantee a smooth user experience across all languages.
  • Support and Resources: Tutorials, forums, and 24/7 customer service are some of the comprehensive support tools provided by Wix.
2. Squarespace Multilingual Website Platform

Squarespace is known for its neat designs and powerful features. This makes it a great choice for building multilingual website platforms. It meets the needs of companies looking for a professional and classy online presence.

Key Features:

  • In-built Translation Options: Squarespace allows users to create multilingual sites through its in-built translation tools or by integrating third-party translation services.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly: The SEO tools in Squarespace are designed for multilingual websites. Hence, it enables it to rank higher in international search results. They include customizable meta tags, alt text, and clean URLs.
  • Responsive Design: All of the templates available with Squarespace are mobile-responsive. This means that you can use them to make your multilingual site look great on any device you choose.
  • Content Manager: Updating content across multiple languages is quite simple in this CMS.
  • Professional Templates: You can choose many professional templates to design your website.
3.Weebly Website Builder

Weebly (which is now part of Square) provides small to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive multilingual platform. It has a simple interface along with very useful features for multilingual site development.

Key Features:

  • Simple Setup: Weebly comes with a multilingual website builder. This makes it easy to add and manage multiple languages automatically or through any manual targeting of content.
  • SEO Tools: It provides must-have SEO tools specifically optimized for multilingual sites: meta tags (title and description), custom URL structure, and descriptions to drastically improve global search visibility.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Their easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor makes building and customizing your multilingual website a breeze.
  • E-commerce Integration: It provides robust e-commerce tools for businesses that want to sell products internationally.
  • Support and Resources: Weebly offers complete support resources with a help center and community forums to get customer solutions for building multilingual websites.

All in all, selecting the best multi-language platform for your global expansion is crucial. Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly all offer different tools that cater to the specific needs of various business types.

However, if you have a custom website or your website is built using other CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal than it might become difficult for you to integrate another third-party platform with your website. In such a scenario it might be best to contact your web design company, and ask them to integrate the two platforms to ensure flawless translations without disruption in either the back-end or front-end of the website.

Why You Should Hire a Web Content Translation Company

Using a multilingual website builder can be difficult if you are not equipped with different languages and their constraints. Here, a translation company can be your best bet. They possess a team of highly skilled and expert native speakers and interpreters who can easily help you communicate your message to the right audience at valid touch points.

Final Word

Choosing a website builder is very important to get you started on expanding your business across borders effectively. Whether you are at a small business or corporate level, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly offer robust features to build flawless multi-language websites. Leveraging these tools will result in a smoother experience for your audience, higher SEO ranking in many different regions, and more trust with an international crowd.