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Top 10 WordPress Advertisement Plugins

Every business starts with a common mission to make money. When one chooses to get his business online, his prime focus is to make his company available to more customers and gain more business.

For this purpose, advertisement plays a crucial role as by appropriately advertising, you cannot only make your business flourished but grow brand awareness among the masses.

So, if you have a website on WordPress, we can help you improving your advertisement strategy by presenting top 10 WordPress advertisement plugins.

These plugins are aimed to grow your business and market by effectively managing your advertisement programme.

There are several benefits of integrating these plugins which we will discuss here while presenting you the features of these top-rated WordPress advertisement plugins of this time.

  1. WP Pro – A Brilliant Advertising WordPress Plugin

    WP Pro
    You may have noticed the peel ads at the corner or popup banners that actually attractive and interesting on certain websites. Well, this is what you get by integrating WP Pro plugin on your WordPress site.

    This plugin is truly a comprehensive ad management approach for WordPress that makes the advertisements look more interactive and responsive for certain purpose.

  2. Ad Sanity – A Great Advertisement Plugin For WordPress

    Ad Sanity
    Ad Sanity is a greatly used advertisement managing WordPress plugin that provides multiple advantages to websites. This ultimate ad manager helps users by providing each and every information related to their advertisements.

    So, using this plugin, the website owner can manage image link advertisements as well external network. Moreover, it helps to manage the ad groups as well.

    Thus, Ad Sanity is a fully feature-rich ad manager that comes at an affordable price range.

  3. Insert Post Ads- For Better Advertisement Management On WordPress

    Insert Post Ads
    Insert Post Ads is a simple WordPress plugin for managing advertisements of a website. It is quite beneficial for the beginners. It main works of the ads placed within posts which is a greatly influential advertisement form.

    Thus, this plugin helps to grow your website revenue by influencing the conversion rates of the WordPress sites.

    Insert Post Ads plugin enables WordPress website owners to insert ads within the posts without altering much the whole advertisement. So, it does not only save time and energy but money as well.

  4. WP 125 – A Dynamic WordPress Advertisement Plugin

    WP 125
    WP 125 advertisement plugin for WordPress works pretty well in managing multiple ads on a website.

    It is a famous ad management tool that has received a huge attention and appreciation from WordPress community. The main reason behind the popularity of this plugin is its suitability to all kinds of WordPress users including newbies.

    The best thing about WP 125 is the email notifications that it sends the users when any ad gets expired. This feature is truly unique and useful as it does not let the website owner forget the advertisement validity.

    So, using this plugin, you can easily track down your ads on your website.

  5. WP Ad Center

    WP Ad Centre is a great advertising WordPress plugin that helps to customize the ad position and alter them depending on various needs. So, the plugin takes the whole responsibility to manage your website ads.

    This plugin features amazing functions to automatically collect payments for advertisements. It makes the tasks like banners addition and ads adjustments on a website quite easy for the users.

    So, WP Ad Center plugin helps to save a lot of time and effort of the users on ad management for WordPress websites. Moreover, it comes at a very nominal cost that makes it highly affordable plugin for the users.

  6. Ad Rotate – WordPress Advertisement Plugin

    Ad Rotate
    Ad Rotate plugin brings a great alert function and many custom features that make it highly efficient ad manager for WordPress of this time.

    This amazing plugin enables the website owner to easily evaluate the ads and keeps them updated about how they are performing.

    It features the performance display using graphs for easy analysis. In case, it finds any flaw in your advertisement process, Ad Rotate plugin instantly sends a notification for the same and thus, encourages in timely rectification for the best results.

    Wholly, this plugin is a greatly active ad manager for WordPress which comes with quality support and regular updates to keep this plugin up to date with the growing advertising needs.

    It features a fully flexible advertisement display which can easily be changed or modified according to certain needs.

  7. AdPress – A Phenomenal WordPress Advertisement Plugin

    AdPress WordPress plugin is a widely used advertisement management tool in WordPress community. It is a premium advertisement management system known for a great design and superior performance.

    This plugin can independently handle the whole advertisements on a site and this is what makes AdPress quite useful plugin for WordPress.

    It integrated PayPal support that means a direct handling of your payments. All the notifications related to the ads appear on the dashboard of your site. Thus, it enables you to check all advertisements running on your site at ones.

  8. Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin

    Advanced Ad plugin
    The Advanced Ad plugin features filters to smartly display or hide the ads that you feel like from your site. It gives every relevant information related to a website and also, supports statistics analysis.

    Using Advanced Ad plugin on your WordPress site, you can easily organize all the ads and get clarity about the payment received from your ads.

    It also gives the details of the popularity of each and every ad. It helps website users to easily customizing or changes ads depending on their interests.

  9. OIO Publisher – WordPress Advertisement Plugin

    OIO Publisher is a greatly useful ad management plugin for WordPress that provides a superb control over the ad space on a website. The most promising thing for OIO Publisher is; its fully automated solution and helps users to generate the maximum profit by smartly using this plugin.

    In addition, this plugin offers the best support and free plugin updates at a large scale. Today, it is known as the leading WordPress plugins available in the market.

  10. WP Insert – A Remarkable WordPress Advertisement Plugin

    WP Insert
    WP Insert is one of the most famous advertisement plugin for WordPress which enables users to easily manage multiple advertisements for a site. A proper use of this plugin will help to enhance your advertisements quickly and efficiently.

    This plugin helps one to flawlessly customize the ad placements on the WordPress website. In addition, you can also set a time to hide or display ads just with few clicks.

    It is basically an advertisement managing plugin which is particularly beneficial for newbies as it comes with thorough rules and guidelines that guide the users on how to display or post ads on the websites. These rules are featured in a specific section; so that, one does not face any difficulty in finding them.

The best thing of WP Insert plugin is, it comes for free and is available on the web.


These are top 10 WordPress advertisement plugins that you can benefit of by integrating in your website. These plugins have succeeded in delivering outstanding advertisement benefits to WordPress users. It is a reason, WordPress developers love recommending and integrating them while developing a WordPress site for their clients.

Sarah Clarke Author

Sarah Clarke is working as a professionally qualified WordPress developer at WordSuccor Ltd., a renowned firm providing WordPress Plugin Development Services at very reasonable cost with a global reach. She loves to share her thoughts on WordPress and always looking for learning something new about it.