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Top 10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know

In 2024, staying ahead in video marketing is essential. Companies must keep up with advanced technology and constant changes in consumer behaviors.

It is crucial to navigate these changes smoothly and understand the trends. To assist companies, join us as we explore ten video marketing trends approved by Top-Rated Video Production Companies.

Video Marketing Trends
To get a quick overview, take a look at these pointers to understand better:

  • 73% of consumers like to watch short videos to get more information without wasting time.
  • Instagram Lives is achieving the highest ROI, and these Lives are letting more followers and shares.
  • 24% of marketers seek assistance from an external team to create engaging content.
  • 47% of marketers are increasing their investment in augmented reality.

Why Use Video Marketing In 2024?

Why Use Video Marketing In 2024?
Video is everywhere these days.

When you look back over the past few years, it’s impressive to see how much social media has changed our lives. Everything starts with video, from the growing number of TikTok users to people uploading videos on YouTube to promote their small businesses.

And right now, it shows no signs of slowing down. These significant changes in video content have taken over search engines, lifestyles, and opinions.

Video marketing is the most potent and prevalent tool for marketers across industries. Research indicates that 88% of video marketers consider video content indispensable to their overall business strategy.

Furthermore, 82% of consumers have made purchases directly from watching a video. There’s no doubt that video marketing can potentially transform your brand.

Here Are A Few Prominent Reasons To Use Video Marketing

  1. Enriched Engagement

    There is no denying that people are more drawn to videos than to text or images. Quality video content has the power to captivate audiences and drive higher engagement.

    Research indicates that 82% of video marketers assert that consumers spend more time on a website when engaging videos are present. Furthermore, 86% of video marketers report that it leads to increased web traffic.

  2. Brand Awareness

    Video marketing is an incredible method for building brand awareness. It provides a dynamic platform to showcase your product’s usage and benefits in a visually engaging way.

    Studies indicate that 90% of video marketers strongly affirm that video marketing significantly boosts brand awareness.

  3. Increased Sales Rates

    Shoppable videos have proven to be an incredibly effective way for brands to showcase their products. They allow customers to learn more and make purchases seamlessly.

    The industry’s sales rates are consistently rising at an impressive 87%.

The Top 10 Video Marketing Trends

The Top 10 Video Marketing Trends
Everyone is on their phone, watching vlogs, or learning something new. They digest thousands of pieces of information daily. Marketers utilize this by tapping into every current trend or ongoing viral topic.

Companies must have engaging content for video marketing to keep up with the modern pace. But it gets overwhelming to generate fresh ideas. To ease the difficulties, we have compiled 10 video marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2024.

  1. Short-form Video

    People are busy. Even if they are on the phone watching a video, there is a huge chance they won’t pay attention for more than a few minutes. This is where short-form video comes in. Short-form videos focus on product information without making it dull.

    These videos take mostly 15 to 60 seconds on Instagram and TikTok often. The study says 73% of consumers like to watch short-form videos.

  2. Live Video

    The live video got its big break during the pandemic when everyone was locked in their houses. But now, it has become one of the potent weapons for marketers. Facebook has active users monthly of over 3 billion. Content marketers take this platform to create live videos to showcase their products and get more views.

    Additionally, the study says that 86% of video marketers rely on Facebook. It has been shown with live videos; Facebook users connect six times more than with a pre-recorded video.

  3. Influencer For The Marketing

    Who doesn’t know about the word influencer? Currently, influencers are known as social media celebrities for their viral content. They are here to promote your product and convince their audience to purchase.

    Now, marketers are endorsing these famous social media personas to promote their brands. The survey says 23% of marketers are leveraging influencer marketing. It attracts more consumers.

  4. Vlogs

    Storytelling is the most effective way to get the most attention from consumers. Vlogs are a great way to develop a story for the brand.

    This is the best way to share tutorials, reviews, and production information so customers can choose what is best. 94% of consumers watch such videos before making a decision.

    Vlogs are an adequate tool for collecting audience information and conveying useful details. These vlogs are generally created by individual content creators, making it important for brands to cooperate with these creators to deliver exciting vlogs.

  5. Silent Video

    It may appear weird, but silent videos are actually quite widespread nowadays. Surprisingly, 85% of people on Facebook watch videos without sound. This is because many people need to turn off the sound in public. That’s why marketers add captions to their videos so viewers can efficiently follow along. This trend will be gaining more engagement in 2024.

  6. User-Generated Content

    UGC is an excellent way for a brand to promote the authenticity of its product to potential buyers. The customers support their brand by creating video content for their channels, and then the brand re-share it on their page. This can quickly build trust and influence purchasing decisions.

    It is best to rely on genuine reviews from users who have used the product or service. The survey shows that 98% of consumers read online reviews, and 90% have shared brand or product experiences on social media.

  7. AR and VR

    In 2024, technical advancements are anticipated to reach new heights, particularly in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Brands are ready to use this method in their video marketing plans.

    Many retail stores now offer AR and VR experiences that allow customers to preview products before buying. These technologies provide a lifelike feel of the product or service, showing an unusual way for customers to interact with them through live demonstrations. While it may not replace the in-person experience, it has established an influential tactic for video marketers.

  8. Behind The Scenes (BTS)

    “Behind-the-scenes” videos are a familiar way to create consumer relationships. When you give your consumers a behind-the-scenes look at your workplace, displaying and demonstrating the process and how it produces value, customers trust the brand. They become more curious about the brand because of its authenticity. These videos draw more organic consumers than any other type of video.

  9. Video SEO

    Optimizing videos for search engines (SEO) is widespread in video marketing. In recent years, Google updates have boosted this trend to a new level. Optimized videos can lure organic viewers to a landing page, allowing brands to gain the right audience.

    SEO videos distinguish themselves from the competition by utilizing engaging keywords, creating captivating titles, and including relevant hashtags.

  10. AI Video Production

    AI is gaining popularity in 2024. Previously, it was just a term. But now, AI has become an effective tool for creating unique brand videos. Numerous video marketers are exploring the possibility of AI influencing consumer mindsets.

    It simplifies video production by researching vast amounts of data and developing an excellent outline for brands. Further, AI is expected to be cost-effective for many marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which Media Has The Best ROI?
    Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube bring the most return on reviews. These are the top platforms that marketers are using to generate most of the leads.
  • What Is The Next Big Step In Marketing?
    AI will significantly change marketing in the coming year. It has the potential to bring more opportunities and technologies.
  • Master The Best Trend With LocalEyes!
    Video marketing is all about staying relevant and quick in the digital marketplace. Popular trends make it easier for brands to engage more effectively with their audience. To stay ahead, video marketers must keep up with cutting-edge technology and personalized content. For that, LocalEyes has the most experience in making the best-quality video for your business.