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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

Use WordPress
WordPress is an amazing CMS that can help you to create a user-friendly and responsive website. It is used to power millions of websites on the internet and according to this CMS statistical report by W3Techs, its current market share is 59.9% compared to Joomla (6.6%) and Drupal (4.6%).

WordPress is also one of the most cost-effective CMS, is SEO-friendly and provides you with a wide range of features and benefits.

Thus, if these are not reasons enough as to why you should use the WordPress CMS , then below Top 10 reasons will surely help you make the right decision.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS

WordPress is an open source software that makes it easier for developers to modify or change codes as per their needs and requirements.

This enables them to create a highly-customized and bespoke website for their client’s that is fully functional and can be easily adapted in the future to incorporate new technologies.

100% Free to Download and Use and Flexible

One of the major USP of WordPress is that you can download & install this CMS on your domain right now and start using it freely without any restriction.

It is a 100% free to use software and offers you full freedom to do as you please. In addition, it provides you with the flexibility to build any kind of website you want be it a simple blog or an eCommerce website or a business website.

Requires No Coding Experience

Unlike the other 2 CMS – Joomla and Drupal, you require no technical skills or coding experience to set up and run a WordPress website.

Once developed, you can easily manage, update and maintain your website all by yourself without having to rely on an expert.

Easy to Use

WordPress is the easiest to use CMS platform thanks to the availability of a user-friendly dashboard that makes it simpler to complete each task in a hassle-free manner.

It comes equipped with an ample of inbuilt features that make it easier to accomplish each chore be it taking a daily backup, content management, posting or maintenance.

Offers Free and Premium Themes/Templates

In order to ensure that your WordPress website is visually stunning, this CMS offers you a wide collection of free and premium WordPress templates. All these themes are responsive, which ensure that it works across all mobile devices seamlessly.

They are also compatible with all major browsers and provides you with an ample of customization options enabling you to build a website or a blog of your dream.

Vast Collection of WordPress Plugins

By far the best part of using the WordPress CMS is the availability of tonnes of free plugins. WordPress plugins help you to add extended functionality to your website as well as specific features and there is a plugin for everything be it designing, backing up your website, SEO, social media, security, multimedia integration, amongst others.

Powerful Content-publishing Platform

From helping you create content to publishing, WordPress makes it super easy for you to manage and update your site’s content.

Through the WordPress dashboard, you can write content, add multimedia, publish it on social networks, save it as a draft and more all from a single centralized unit.

Also, via various content management plugins, you can easily filter out duplicate content, add links to post & pages to improve SEO as well as add customise comment section to increase engagement.

Offers Vibrant Community Support

WordPress is built by a team of dedicated web developers, contributors and academics and is continuously supported by thousands of WordPress volunteers.

By using WordPress to build a website, you are assured of getting free ongoing support from a large community who will help you solve any problem that you might face while running this software as well as answer all your queries.

Moreover, there are also many knowledge-base articles as well as forums available that will help you understand this CMS better.

WordPress is Multi-lingual

From an SEO point of view, having a website in the language that your target audience is familiar with can help you boost the conversion rate.

With WordPress, you can easily create a multilingual website in 70 different languages, by simply installing a WordPress multilingual plugin like the Polylang.

This plugin will then allow your visitors to switch languages and browse through your site’s content in a language that they prefer.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Applications

Being the most popular CMS on the market, you can find many 3rd party applications that can be easily integrated with your WordPress website and as such, WordPress offers you the freedom to choose only the best application for your website, without the need to use an inferior software.

Final Thoughts
The reasons as to why you should use WordPress are innumerable. You could take a look at this exhaustive guide of 101+ Reasons why WordPress is the best to know them all. However, the above reasons have surely covered the gist of what makes WordPress the most loved platform on the market today.

Be its flexibility, a wide range of design choices, air-tight security, cost-effectiveness, SEO or social media, it is pretty much difficult to find a CMS that is packed with all these features and more in one easy to use software.

Thus, consider using WordPress if you are launching a new website, as it will benefit your business immensely.

Nirav Dave Author

Nirav Dave is the CTO & Co-Founder at Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital agency based out of Mumbai, India that specializes in all things Web Design & WordPress. He Worships WordPress and Loves to read anything and everything about this exceptional CMS.