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Top 10 Product Catalogue WordPress Themes

Are you launching your own business, big or small? Do you want to use your own personal product catalogue online instead of getting drowned in an e-marketplace like Etsy?

We have exactly what you need among our top 10 product catalogue-friendly WordPress themes.

If you’re looking for a site that can properly promote your brand, then our WordPress themes have the great advantage of being very visually impactful and interactive.

Many of these themes’ features also allow you to properly compartmentalize the products you wish to circulate. What you want is a user-friendly catalogue that barely takes 2 clicks to delve into.

So let’s have a look at what we’ve got for you.

  1. Ecommerce Themes: Economics PRO

    Built for minimalist brands that want to keep their site neat, tidy and not too clogged with text, the Economics PRO theme is the perfect place to host your product catalogue.

    It’s designed to be compatible with any kind of brand or product promotion. You can make it your own thanks to the easily customizable features.

    If you’re unsure where to start, this one is a great one to try out, especially if you’re new to WordPress.

  2. Ecommerce Themes: Rich Store

    Also known as the “Marketplace WordPress Theme”, the Rich Store theme mimics the sort of online product catalogues that fashion retailers put out.

    You can of course promote other things than fashion here. The great thing about this theme is that it’s WooCommerce-compatible, and has plenty of nifty interactive features like the Nivo Slider.

    This is vital for properly displaying your different products per category, type, etc. Also, you can make each product category easily accessible and visible to the user.

    Not only will it be easier for the user to navigate, but it can also greatly benefit your company to keep track of what’s online and what’s outdated.

  3. Versatile Themes: Elevation PRO

    Our Elevation PRO theme is WooCommerce-compatible, Retina-ready and fully packed with everything you need to keep track of your customers and your product sales.

    This is another of our fully customizable themes. It’s got a lot of features and possibilities.

    Don’t fret though – all of our WordPress themes come with built-in support to help guide you every step of the way.

    In any case, once you’ve got the hang of it, this theme is perfectly adapted to suit even your smallest needs – like being able to integrate your company’s social media handles, for instance.

  4. Fashion & Beauty WordPress Themes: Modeling PRO

    If you’re looking for a fashion-based theme, then look no further than our Modeling Pro theme. Whether you’re selling clothes, jewellery, or even just fashion-related prints and merch, this is the theme you want.

    Its visuals are fully customizable and interactive. Because of the importance for fashion products to be properly put on show, this theme facilitates things by offering you slick image sliders, portfolios, custom photo galleries, and more.

    The best thing about this theme is that you can use it for two purposes: showcasing your creations in an effective way, and then providing a neat and tidy place to purchase those things.

    Indeed, this theme is fully WooCommerce compatible too.

  5. Fashion & Beauty WordPress Themes: Glamour World PRO

    This one has similar qualities to the previous one. The main difference is that this theme has bigstatementvisuals, which can be used to set yourself apart from other online product catalogues.

    The biggest advantages in this theme include how many plug-ins and features you can use to spruce it up. For instance, you can use Nextgen gallery, widgets, and of course, WooCommerce.

    Glam up your site with this theme’s unlimited colour options and you’re good to go!

  6. Fashion & Beauty WordPress Themes: Yoga Club

    Now, this is an interesting and versatile theme, especially if you’re looking to inform your customer base as well as sell products to them.

    Indeed, there are all sorts of features allowing you to navigate between educational pages, blog posts, and potential product galleries.

    With this sort of theme you can truly create a sense of personality for your brand. And it can be great to build a community around your type of product in this way.

    The theme is also compatible with different types of page builder plugins, which allow you even more freedom than what WordPress offers in its customizer.

  7. Fashion & Beauty WordPress Themes: BeautiPlus PRO

    This stylish theme is perfect for companies who want to combine informative & visually appealing posts!

    It’s ideal for the type of shop that blogs about its products and creates connections instead of just selling things, once again.

    This theme is also fully compatible with all latest WordPress plugins you’d like to use. This includes WooCommerce and Nextgen Gallery.

    If you’d prefer a busy, friendly site than a minimalist one, then this one is for you.

  8. Multipurpose Themes: Combine PRO

    Another great, fully customizable and versatile theme we have to offer is the multipurpose Combine PRO.

    Thanks to all the features and plugins – which include Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, and of course WooCommerce – you can have your online shop up and running in no time at all.

    It should be noted that this theme is one-click install. So if you’re in a hurry, but you still want your site to look good, you can still have something not only presentable but really good looking.

  9. Multipurpose Themes: Wide Range

    We have a soft spot for the Wide Range theme, mostly because of how good it looks on a wide screen.

    In this theme, you can group all of your site pages and features into one extensive menu, cleaning up the rest of the screen for a fully visual experience.

    You can place your product portfolio right there on the huge, sprawling homepage gallery. And users won’t need a site map, thanks to how you’ve grouped all your links in one place.

    Compatible with Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, and countless widgets, this theme has all you need to set up shop with style.

  10. Multipurpose Themes: Power Club

    Like with fashion, the main purpose of fitness-centric themes is to really put across the personality of your brand to users.

    As you probably already know, today’s consumers do love to know who they’re buying from, what the company stands for, and who they’ll be offering their patronage.

    If you’re looking to connect with your client-base in that way, then the Power Club theme is perfect for you.

    Along with having immaculate blogging and shopping features, this theme is really satisfying to navigate, and very elegant. A great choice if you’re simply bursting with content and products to share.

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