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Top 10 Loan Company WordPress Themes

If you’re setting up a new website, you’ve got an important decision to make. Picking the very first theme from WordPress’ business theme category might do the job, but it probably won’t be perfect.

Instead, it makes more sense to use themes that are specifically tailored to your business or your industry. Without further ado, these 10 WordPress themes for loan companies below will give you the inspiration you need.

Each one of them achieves similar results in different visual ways. Your job is simply to find the style you like the most!

  1. Unifield PRO

    With many Theme Options and customization settings, Unifield PRO can be edited freely to achieve the exact goals that you want. The layout includes:

    • Slideshows
    • Showcases
    • Profiles
    • Testimonials
    • Catalogues
    • And more

    Each of these features can be used to present your loan services and different deals in an efficient and effective way. The site also allows you to rearrange all of these elements and realize your own vision.

    Unifield PRO is optimized for SEO and features a responsive layout. This means that your visitors will have the best experience possible no matter what screen size they’re using.

    We simply can’t recommend this WordPress theme enough!

  2. Pulsing

    Pulsing facilitates the creation of high quality landing pages, service descriptions and multiple pages for your business. It can also fit many different elements on one page, which is perfect for an informative main page of your loan business.

    What’s more, the layout, design and structure can be easily edited without any coding knowledge. This includes advanced settings too.

    Pulsing has a clean design by default. It directs all the attention on the content you choose. So, all that’s left is to add your loan offer at the top and launch the site!

    This theme is mobile-friendly and compatible with many other WordPress plugins for extra flexibility.

  3. Economics PRO

    This is the theme for financial businesses such as your own. Any loan company could benefit from this option for more than a few reasons:

    1. Versatility allows to create a unique design and look, specific to your brand
    2. Interactive lists, showcases and snippets are perfect for detailing your services
    3. User-friendly setup that makes it exceptionally easy for the customer to contact you

    Economics PRO also contains some advanced features that can be used in creative ways. These include professional image sliders, multi-language support, CSS3 animations and more.

  4. Elevation PRO

    Elevation PRO is a parallax theme dedicated to business websites. It includes multiple layers of background and other elements to create an immersive browsing experience and a professional style.

    With this WordPress theme, your loan offers and main selling points will immediately attract attention and generate leads.Some of its best features are:

    • The many types of pages for different purposes
    • Social media support
    • Unlimited design options for pages
    • In-built elements like the contact form, sliders, galleries and more
    • Latest animation technologies for smooth and quickly rendered graphic elements

    The list could go on because there are just so many features potentially applicable to your loan company home page!

  5. MilestoneZ PRO

    MilestoneZ is a professional-looking WordPress theme. It’s perfect for sites where a large amount of information needs to be conveyed in an easy and quick way.

    It could be a great choice for you if you want to include all the details about your business and offers online.

    Your brand will gain trust and confidence thanks to the modern coding and design solutions in MilestoneZ PRO. This results in compatibility with all major browsers and devices. The layout is also SEO-optimized for effective Google ranking.

    While retaining simple looks and easy controls, this theme allows for personalization and tweaking with other WordPress plugins, too.

  6. Combine PRO

    If you really want to communicate trust and quality in your website, you should use Combine PRO. What does it combine you ask?

    The short answer is EVERYTHING.

    You can use this theme for all kinds of projects and pages that you will ever need for your loan company. Business plans, loan offers and terms, testimonials, company projects and marketing campaigns – everything can be combined with ease.

    The framework is highly customizable with complete freedom in fonts, colour, layout and content. The theme comes with loads of widgets you can use for many purposes too.

    With a 5-star user rating, Combine PRO is simply the best professional option today.

  7. Organizing PRO

    Do you want a one-page site for your loan business? We can’t recommend the Organizing PRO theme enough. It excels at creating simple yet aesthetic designs with a flowing representation of informative content.

    Of course, you can also use this theme with sites of multiple pages. However, its strength is in the main page that really makes an impact.

    The theme’s pros are:

    1. Effortless set up without prior knowledge
    2. Lots of shortcodes available for use
    3. Many kinds of widgets, sliders and sections to use freely
    4. Multiple-languages and responsive layout

    With the tools like that, you’ll easily make your loan company stand out from the crowd.

  8. BizGrowth

    BizGrowth can help your company like no other WordPress theme. It has effective landing pages and clean design for service or product descriptions and even blog posts.

    Whatever your next project may be, BizGrowth will accommodate it and present it to the user with a modern look. The theme is responsive to the screen size of the visitor’s device and is supported by the developers.

    It’s a very popular design, yet the set-up options guarantee that no two sites look the same. You’ll be able to use shortcodes and various elements like testimonials, slideshows, image galleries and profiles.

    All this will result in a sharp business environment that will encourage your customer’s trust and loyalty.

  9. Wide Range

    Animations and graphics often sell better than a thousand words. Wide Range is one such WordPress theme that will make your graphic content stand out.

    With a full-screen main page, your brand will grab every visitor’s attention. From then on, you may easily introduce your business and customer offers to a potential client or partner.

    Wide Range is very easy to use and customize. It also perfectly adapts to all browsers and devices. Its strengths are:

    • Fast loading time despite highly graphical content
    • Astonishing design and user experience
    • Compatible with many popular plugins

    Since it’s so different, this theme presents a wide range of alternative solutions for your loan company website.

  10. MedPlus

    Although MedPlus was designed for medical websites specifically, its style can be applied elsewhere. With a nice and clean look, this customizable WordPress theme can become a loan business website too.

    It features many page templates that can be reshaped according to your needs. The content will load fast on this site, ensuring a positive user experience and a Google rank boost.

    Of course, you may not need all the special elements of this theme like schedules.

    However, your loans, testimonials, offers and partners will still be represented in a professional-looking manner necessary for the successful company’s presence online.

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